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Want to get in touch? Send me a DM on Twitter, or email me at [email protected] for more serious inquiries. You will reach me fastest through Twitter DMs, however I prefer email if it is formal or confidential.


All content on this website is satirical in nature. All messages, transmissions, and other communications published by linked social media accounts and any account associated with Hedgewik are completely satirical for the sake of comedic effect with no exceptions. All comments on this website are completely disavowed and not representative of the viewpoints held by the administrators of this website and are only allowed in the interest of free speech. This website, its administrators, and good faith users do not condone, endorse, support, encourage, or engage in any illegal activity. By using this site you agree to act as a good faith user and that upon encouraging illegal activities or otherwise disrupting the ability of this site to function as intended you forfeit the ability to call yourself such.

Do not post the personal information of yourself or any other individuals. This site will never ask for your personal information, and neither will the administrators.

This website, and any account associated with Hedgewik, will never ask you to donate cryptocurrency, money, or otherwise forfeit funds in order to support its operations. Do NOT subscribe or send money to anything that claims to be associated with Hedgewik. I will never ask you to give me money to keep myself maintained. Previously I opened a Patreon at the request of some people, and closed it down and gave all the money away in the Black Mussolini art competition. I may sell prints or something of that sort in the future, but it’s unlikely; if I do, I will set the lowest price physically possible to not generate a profit, and it would be linked ON THIS WEBSITE. I’ve also toyed with the idea of creating a Hedgewik game that could be listed on a site like Steam for extremely cheap. Things like this are the absolutely furthest extent I’m comfortable taking monetary issuance. The Hedgewik comic strip will not risk being turned into a grift operation. I will not allow myself to be bound to any financier that could restrict my ability to post content I back with my own volition. I also do not want to risk the personal identities of people being leaked through any sort of payment information.

[I understand that most other people do not take such an extreme stance on monetary issue as myself, and I don’t blame them. I hold myself to extremely high standards here that not everyone universally accepts.]

This website utilizes cookies and other standard website features. You are free to block these.

When leaving comments on this website, you are not obliged to fill in the name field, email address, or website field; it is optional. Please do not dox yourself. If you accidentally have doxxed yourself, please reach out by contacting me on Twitter or Instagram (You may also contact me by email but that may cause delays. If you contact me by Twitter or Instagram I can resolve the issue right away.)

Can I repost content from this website? Can I modify it? (How can I use it?)

You are free to dowload and repost any and all publicly downloadable content from this website with (almost) zero restrictions. Read below.

You are free to modify and edit any and all publicly downloadable content.

I’d like it if you didn’t edit out the website URL from downloadable content. I can’t stop you though and don’t really care all that much.

You may not remove the URL and replace it with credits for another website/blog/social media page without making any sort of edit/transformative change to the piece; basically, claiming express credit for my unchanged original work. Though, if you do you’ll probably be fine. I’m pretty busy and lazy, and not all that interested in wasting my precious time on this Earth hunting down people who take credit for something I made. I do, however, reserve the right to do so if it’s really necessary. So if you do this, I may reach out to you and ask you not to, and take other appropriate action if it’s seriously necessary. Again though, I probably won’t.

You may not take content from this website and lock it behind a paywall without a transformative element. (Basically, you may not SELL my content).

You MAY distribute this content through newsletters, blogs, or other entities that may have a paywall. (If you do this, I’d like to know about it, but you don’t have to ask my permission.) You MAY make physical prints of these comics and do just about whatever you like with them (including selling them as physical prints, if for some reason you want to.) You MAY profit off content from this website, if you repost my comics (leaving the URL intact) on your blog/website/etc. and then profit off of advertisements, while the content is still 100% free to view. If you do something like this, you do not need to worry about giving me any extra revenue/etc. You are also allowed to post this content in private forums/message boards that are locked behind a paywall, or in some way restricted from open view; since you are not explicitly charging people to see this website’s content in and of itself. I make this content for it to be as freely open and available as possible. As long as you’re helping more people to see it through open and liberal means, you’ll be fine. (just don’t claim YOU made my original work).

With that being said, what I don’t allow is, for example, artwork from my comics being re-sold as clipart or such for profit. If I find out that this is taking place, I’ll probably reach out and ask for them to stop and move from there. But that probably won’t happen, and I’m only putting this here in the event it does.

If you think you have an exception, or need more clarification: leave a comment under whatever my latest comic is asking, or message me on Twitter or Instagram. Chances are, whatever you want to do will be fine if it doesn’t explicitly break the rules outlined above.

 Describe yourself in one sentence.

Avowed anti-racist, anti-fash, pro-queer, pro-Jewish liberal Democrat POC who loves racial and gender equality, open borders, and tacos!!

A supporter of liberal democracy, freedom of speech/expression, free markets, and enlightenment ideals.


What is this website about?

Hey there! I’m HedgeWik! I make inclusive and empowering humor that punches up, not down. I take an edgy approach to pursuing social justice for all, with a blend of imitation, satire, and straight-up nonsense, I touch some of the darkest topics in a broad variety of ways. Whether I’m discussing my grievances with our economic system, analyzing system racism, patriarchal sexism, and otherwise pursuing social and economic justice for everyone regardless of skin color, creed, sexual orientation, disability, gender, and more, one thing always remains the same: all humor is meant to empower the unempowered, and dismantle oppression in all forms.

Want to help Hedgewik on his mission to promote love, equality, and justice? Just follow the social media profiles linked, drop likes and shares – it makes all the difference in the world!


When is the comic updated?

Almost every Wednesday, and sometimes Mondays when I’m feeling like it. Sometimes I ever throw one up on off days!


Are you a racist?

Often people call me a “racist”, citing things such as this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this (among many others). Obviously, no accusation could be FARTHER from the truth. I myself am a proud person of color, with origins tracing back to the great African nation of Italy. Therefore, since I’m a racial minority and a black man, I could hardly be racist towards myself. Duh!

Are you anti-semitic?

Often people call me an “antisemite”, citing things such as this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this (among many others). To this, I raise the question; at what point do these comics transform from a simple observation of Semitism, or a Semitic character, into something explicitly calling against Semites or Semitism? The answer is, none of these say anything AGAINST Semitism! They are simply observations – noticing, you might say – of certain Semitic activities! So there’s no need to shut it down – it’s just some awe-struck appreciation!

Are you transphobic?

Often people call me a “transphobe”, citing things such as this, this, this, this, and this (among many others). First of all, I’m most certainly not afraid of transgender people – which would invalidate the use of the word “phobe” or “phobia”. Second of all, I OBVIOUSLY do not deny the fact that a man with wide, stocky shoulders who shaves his face 3 times a day, has a gargantuan slouch, giant hands, and a protruding nose and square jaw can become a woman by simply choosing to say they are one. Doing so would go against science – as we know, there is well documented scientific evidence proving that men, upon saying they are women, simply become one. So; the answer to the question is obviously no! 😀

I remember seeing a comic from this website, but I can’t find it here! What gives?

Over time, I have occasionally done small purges of comics from my site which I personally disliked, and which I figured would waste people’s time when they browsed through my archive looking for my better content. Most of these comics were my worst and earliest ones; rushed slop jobs with a complete lack of substance, and horrific visual/artistic element (at least, in my opinion). So you’re not missing anything.

This comic thing was first started on May 5, 2019, and I regularly updated it. Of course, this is hard to see by all the deleted comics on the site.

My name is spelled hedgewik, but I am writing “hedgewick comics” here to help search indexing.

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