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This site was made possible by Their help allows this site to exist and continue to be maintained. I extend my greatest thanks to them; without them I can’t even imagine how terribly my site would function.

Want to get in touch? Send me a DM on twitter, or email me at [email protected] for more serious inquiries. You will reach me fastest through Twitter DMs, however I prefer email if it is formal or confidential.

Gaaaah… I don’t get it! Is this political? What’s the message behind this comic?

If you find yourself asking this question a lot, I advise you leave this website and return home.

What is this website about?

Hey there! I’m HedgeWik! I make inclusive and empowering humor that punches up, not down. I take an edgy approach to pursuing social justice for all, with a blend of imitation, satire, and straight up nonsense, I touch some of the darkest topics in a broad variety of ways. Whether I’m discussing my grievances with our economic system, analyzing system racism, patriarchal sexism, and otherwise pursuing social and economic justice for everyone regardless of skin color, creed, sexual orientation, disability, gender, and more, one thing always remains the same: all humor is meant to empower the unempowered, and dismantle oppression in all forms.

Want to help Hedgewik on his mission to promote love, equality, and justice? Just follow the social media profiles linked, drop likes and shares – it makes all the difference in the world!

When is the comic updated?

Almost every Wednesday.

My name is spelled hedgewik, but I am writing “hedgewick comics” here to help search indexing.

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