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Want to get in touch? Send me a DM on twitter, or email me at [email protected] for more serious inquiries. You will reach me fastest through Twitter DMs, however I prefer email if it is formal or confidential.

All content on this website is satirical in nature. All messages, transmissions, and other communications published by linked social media accounts and any account associated with Hedgewik are completely satirical for the sake of comedic effect unless explicitly stated otherwise.


 Describe yourself in one sentence.

Avowed anti-racist, anti-fash, pro-queer, pro-Jewish liberal Democrat POC who loves racial and gender equality, open borders, the great positive effects of generous Jewish influence on every aspect in our society, and tacos!!(because illegal undocumented aliens immigrants migrants PEOPLE = we have more tasty food like tacos :D)


What is this website about?

Hey there! I’m HedgeWik! I make inclusive and empowering humor that punches up, not down. I take an edgy approach to pursuing social justice for all, with a blend of imitation, satire, and straight up nonsense, I touch some of the darkest topics in a broad variety of ways. Whether I’m discussing my grievances with our economic system, analyzing system racism, patriarchal sexism, and otherwise pursuing social and economic justice for everyone regardless of skin color, creed, sexual orientation, disability, gender, and more, one thing always remains the same: all humor is meant to empower the unempowered, and dismantle oppression in all forms.

Want to help Hedgewik on his mission to promote love, equality, and justice? Just follow the social media profiles linked, drop likes and shares – it makes all the difference in the world!


When is the comic updated?

Almost every Wednesday, and sometimes Mondays when I’m feeling like it. Sometimes I ever throw one up on off days!


I remember seeing a comic from this website, but I can’t find it here! What gives?

Over time, I have occasionally done small purges of comics from my site which I personally disliked, and which I figured would waste peoples time when they browsed through my archive looking for my better content. Most of these comics were my worst and earliest ones; rushed slop jobs with a complete lack of substance, and horrific visual/artistic element (at least, in my opinion).

This comic thing was first started on May 5, 2019, and I regularly updated it. Of course, this is hard to see by all the deleted comics on the site.

My name is spelled hedgewik, but I am writing “hedgewick comics” here to help search indexing.

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