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The FED doesn’t print money, the Treasury does.
Get your facts straight.

Keep going kid. When people hate on you you’re on the right path. If you’re into publish or intrested in ti go buy a book called How to get rich by Felix Dennis. He was a publisher here in the UK owned lots of mags. His story is in the book. You can pick up the book for 5 dollars I guess. He’s also on YT. He’s dead now. Anyway, I enjoyed your cartoons very much. keep at it and good look. As we say here in the UK; don’t let the bastards gring you down.

Glad to hear you like it man 👍 I’ve considered doing a print book in the future but I’m not sure I’d be able to “publish” it in a traditional sense lol. Profit most definitely is sitting below last place in my list of priorities with this project, if I was to sell physical stuff it would be for the utility and not the profit. I’ll take a look at that book you mentioned as well.

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