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Honestly, I don’t understand the adoption of opposition toward capitalism in general, as businesses are generally just reactionary to what they’re fed to believe are the most profitable set of behaviors. They’re best described as vehicles that can have entirely different behaviors, depending entirely on who’s at the wheel. For example, 1940’s Disney and Ford vs 2020’s Disney and Ford.

What I believe would be a more direct take would be to target the interest groups who use their advertising and charity money to try and push for these ‘particular behaviors’ within these companies, as well as the subversive quisling CEO’s with ulterior motives in mind.

Two capitalists being sorta based doesn’t make the system of jewish neoliberal capitalism anything to be defended by any capacity. If we simply define capitalism as the ability to own private property, the definition gets a bit retarded and really any system ever is just ‘capitalism’ save for end stage communism. i believe in property ownership, that doesnt mean i agree with jewish neoliberalism.

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