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Also, I’m going to have to take a break from comics for a couple weeks. I will be dealing with some irl stuff and also, I am gonna be doing some more work in improving my art quality and learning to use Adobe Animate to make some good youtube animations. Hang in there, kings!

I don’t understand the bonus panel

Dum dum Google 109 countries

It isn’t even remotely close to 109 countries. Most of those were duchies or fiefdoms within germany. A lot of it was basically germany. Compare and contrast with how many countries white people and white/european nationalist governments were expelled from in only the last 250 years. About twice the amount jews have in a timespan about a twentieth of jewish history.

White nationalists are truly a most oppressed people.

If they’re oppressed now, imagine how much they will be when whiT*oids become a minority in the few “white” countries left

Implying jews aren’t white

Implying Jews aren’t the ancient adversary to not only the white race but mankind in general.

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