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Bipartisan Bigotry – One Year Anniversary Remake (Black Mussolini Comic)

Bipartisan Bigotry – One Year Anniversary Remake (Black Mussolini Comic) published on 23 Comments on Bipartisan Bigotry – One Year Anniversary Remake (Black Mussolini Comic)

This is a remake of one of the best comics I ever made, originally published on April 20, 2020; a little over a year ago. I had planned to publish this remake on that anniversary date, but got caught up with other affairs, as well as working to polish up the remake to be as incredible as it could be for my current skill.

Check out this comparison slider to see the differences between my art skill in making the comic one year ago, versus today:

I will also be collecting entries for the second Black Mussolini art contest in a few days. I delayed the deadline now for a very prolonged period while I worked to get this published. Thanks for your patience everyone, and there are many more comics to come with my artwork I’m continuing to work on improving. Hopefully my improvement by this time next year will be even more drastic than the contrast from last year to now.


I don’t get it. Why is Mussolini black? Wasn’t he a White Italian?

Why the fuck is the Spanish guy brown ?

Why don’t Americans learn history and geography in school? Cant you tell Spaniards from South Americans?

Ones are whites and the others are brown,

Jesus Christ

To the racist there are degrees of whiteness, is basically the idea, Mussolini is depicted as black because of an old racist joke about Italians being less white and pure than others Europeans, so they may as well be black. Franco is being compared to modern day Hispanics and Latinos, despite being Caucasian for the same reasons.

This is not a smart comic.

SHUT (god damn)
SHUT (yeh, yeah)

Poo poo, pee pee, penis and vagina
Women with dicks and weak men with vaginas
So fucking delicate like mommy’s fine china
If you have complaints, please, wait your turn and line up
I got a message for these little bitches tryna
Be a momma’s boy and a teacher’s pet, pimple face, asswipe
Looking like they just had a gyne-cologist
Stick five fingers in your ass, no lube
So whatcha gonna do?
If you’re number one, shove it up your ass and make it number two (ooh)
Ladies getting mad in the comments, and I’m hearing it
You think it was a typo with these red lines and periods
Ha-ha, no comma
Bitches with their self esteem get out of the sauna
My shit lies in the sewers, closing the hatch
I only joke about diseases and reference that only you can catch
(”Ew, oh my god”)
And if you think you’re fucking grown up
Keep breathing heavy with your keyboard and fedora
Hands around your dick with the kung-fu grip
Stroking back and forth to My Little Pony clips, bitch
Go outside and ride a bike or something
And get laughed at by kids to remind you that you are nothing
And then, get hit by every car or truck that ever passes
“Your life flashes before your eyes!”
Oh wait, it’s your Google Glasses
Nevermind, retard
Just pick your ass up and take you to the closest sign, retard
I’m not done yet, you get up and you go home
Sit at your computer and open up Google Chrome
And then look at tutorials on how to hang yourself at home
And then you can hang yourself
(”Is that the end of the story?”)
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, no son

Kill yourself
Please, please kill yourself
You should really kill yourselves
Please, please kill yourself
You should really kill yourselves

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