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What a monstrous faggot you are.

at least he makes better content than you redditard

Hitler wasn’t racist? Fuck you and your fucking idiotic ideas.

Actually he wasn’t racist he had many friends from many nationalities you absolute kike
stop rubbing your hands so harshly you might start heating up with that kerosene sweat of yours you abomination of man

So this is what illiteracy looks like in comic format. cool

Literally everyone in that ww2 panel was racist, also black mussolini is fucking stupid

that’s true, italians are pretty stupid, maybe because they’re black?

Have you ever picked your cum-filled ass off your shitty sofa. Took of that tinfoil hat. And went to Italy, you absolute bafoon, you gigantic moron, you would like to get ass-fucked by Hitler wouldnt ya, you degenerate with piss poor brains, you had to drop out at 6th grade cos I has no idea that people as dumb as the guys on this webside ever existed. You schould have stayed in school on some lessons instead of blowing dicks in bathroom retard.

The left in America is statically far more diverse than the right…

What? No they are not? That’s why you have things like the class action lawsuit against the Democratic Party in Washington State, right now. There are a lot of People of Color out front, where they can be seen, but a much lower percentage actually working for the Party, compared to most other political groups.

Okay, the meme below seems funny and ironical, but the comic strip doesn’t. It appears to be made to convey a real message, which is pretty confusing since the historical characters are assigned seemingly random races. Is this mocking negro propaganda or something?

Oh man, you are one stupid fuck.

What is the actual point being made here? Trump supporters more racially diverse than Democrats? (Demonstrably false) A defence of facism since leftistist figure and/or communists may have been racist? What do the figures on the left really have to do with each other at all? Stalin an autocratic communist? Churchill a democratic consevative? Who is the other guy? On the right, Hitler shrugging away being called racist when racism was absolutely central to Negro ideology? Black Mussolini?! What planet are you on?! The only thing I can take away from this is that you have a very poor grasp of politics or history

Imagine thinking Stalin wasn’t racist against Jews and Churchill didn’t believe in racial superiority. Stalin openly planned to deport Jews to eastern Siberia and considered them to be insurrectionists in waiting; see the Slansky trial. Churchill believed in the racial superiority of whites, especially versus Indians. “What do the figures on the left have to do with each other,” must be a joke considering these two were explicitly part of the Allied and Axis sides of WW2. You can hardly type let alone process history, consider drinking bleach.

(1) So even Stalin considered them … (((them))) … subversive and planned to put them into camps to prevent them from destroying the new polity (the USSR)

(2) Looks like just about everybody, if they’re smart, and regardless where they fall on the political spectrum … sees the threat they pose to a country’s stability

(3) ++++++++++++++++++++ for the Slansky trial reference, another arrow in the quiver

Calm down redditfags, there’s no up-boats wholesome 100 Keanu Reeves Black bull stuff here here.

You know there’s conservative subreddits, right? lol Why are you implying that all redditors are liberal? You’re so fucking cringe and delusional. Also Mussolini wasn’t black.

But the majority of subs are left-wing.

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