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They’re still manly enough to put their wives in their place?
They’re willing to use force to get what they want, because it works?
Neither one of them wants to have sex with black women?

The joke is “Women getting beaten by their partners is FuNnY” with a dash of “Both sides are bad in the same way”. Go suck a cop’s dick while you’re licking their boots and give you balls a tug you ghoulish asshole.

You sound triggered as fuck.

I’d apologize for caring for women in general and not wanting to see them beaten, but that’s nothing to apologize for.

You sound like someone that wouldn’t care if friends, significant others, and family members are being abused. You’re pathetic.

Have you been to this website before? I just stumbled here from a Twitter post.

Look at a few more for a moment, all the comics here are like this. You could copy/paste your reply to just about every comic here, but you better get crackin’, he’s been posting for a year. And I wouldn’t recommend it, most people here are clearly fans of the kind of content that gets put up here, hence you’ll get more replies like the one you just did. That’s why they go here in the first place.

Pfffh! You sound like a male feminist so you definitely don’t really care about the welfare of women. All you care about is getting close to them and getting them to let down their guard so you can get them drunk or high and rape them. Or if they have children, to rape them instead. You male feminists are the worst.

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