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Bruh, when you talk about conspiracy you dress it up as punching up when its some dumb bullshit like the Satanic Panic or the Blood Libel so you have an excuse to punish people you don’t like.

When we talk about organized actions to target vulnerable people or prevent them from rising we talk about how Latin American countries were destabilized because their governments got a little too left leaning or were just not US favoring enough, which often resulted in dictators. Or things like Banana Republics. Or Cointelpro killing the black panthers among other movements. Or Reagan letting AIDS ravage the gay population, until activism and the knowledge of straight people being able to catch the virus too forced his hand.

But sure, keep pretending that capitalism is the cat’s pajamas, and we’re the paranoid ones.

lol This comic had nothing to do with defending capitalism. Thanks for outing yourself as just another brainwashed sheep who’s college professor and tumblr friends told you that every time you shit your pants, it’s the big evil capitalism’s fault.

Also shut the fuck up with your Blood Libel shit. No one’s talking about that. What IS the problem is that there are only 2 countries in the world who own and print their own money. Every other nation is part of the global bank which funds and controls every major war and state ran education system.

Dude, the comic is literally about double speak ascribed to progressives, there in the soviet shirt, about how apparently it is ridiculous that we think that the wealthy fuck shit up for the underclass, and then turn around tell you that your own conspiracies are dumb. But those conspiracies are always “well its actually not the system, is the jews, or immigrants, or lgbt people, or women” or whatever scapegoat they pick “and if we got rid of them or kept them completely oppressed things would be better for everybody”

Oh so you agree that world powers, including the capitalistic US, being able to dictate shit and exert control over the world, is the problem. I thought I was the one going Capitalism Bad, comrade.

Shut the fuck up, kike

You guys don’t know anything but slurs in terms of insults? Fucking boring. And also its like “Oh I don’t like what you say, but I’m too stupid to debate, so I’mma try to hurt you” eat a dick you nimrod.

What is there to debate? You’re dishonest slime at best and delusional at worst.

Dilate your infected wound.

So much for the right wing “free marketplace of ideas”.

Right? its pathetic. Its a free market until someone peddles something they don’t like.

I have no interest in a free market of ideas. A free market of ideas is how we end up with faggots running around in the streets infecting each other with AIDS.

No the way you get that is by deciding that minorities and addicts don’t deserve to exist so you marginalize them, they have restricted access to medicine and a higher transmission rate, which translated to a higher death rate, which was fine by your kind of people until you realized that straight white people could catch it too. Its one of the atrocities Reagan presided over and an actual result of his policy, so… you’re right free market of ideas style republicans like Reagan did cause the AIDS crisis, and maliciously aggravated it because it affected people he didn’t care to save.

Ah, yes the reason for why faggots fuck each other in the butt and spread easily preventable diseases is because of White People and Reagan!

Delusional and insane! What a package!

If it were easy to prevent why did Reagan drag his feet in addressing it? Why? because it affected gay people and minorities more than white straight people. The war on drugs was already an effort to weaken minority communities. As far as Reagan was concerned, the disease was doing his work for him.

But you’re right, the racist oppressive groundwork for the AIDS crisis to be what it was got laid down by previous bigots its unfair to lay down the blame on Reagan only, I will blame his ideology though.

Also stop agreeing with yourself, narcissist.

Hmmm don’t remember posting that though. The sockpuppets are turning SENTIENT!

Hey Hedge, just saw you explain the message of this over on Twitter and hey I gotta say, you’re even dumber than you seemed initially.

Hedge: “The comic IS saying that rich people conspire to bad things. But that leftists always shill for them and call people who doubt them conspiracy theorists. For example, calling people who question mandatory vaccine/infinite lockdowns/cuck muzzle masks “deranged conspiracy theorists…” for DARING to doubt the scientists that are all bought out by the same rich the leftists claim to rally against.”

Here Hedge demonstrates he doesn’t know shit about epidemics. And thinks scientists that support preventive measures are sellouts. Covid is airborne, and it can settle and be transmitted through surfaces, as such masks, social distancing, and restrictions in how much people can gather or transit in one place makes sense. The lock down makes sense in terms of curving the impact to medical infrastructure, unequipped to handle a volume of ill to the level of the pandemic. Yes these measures were recommended by scientists and pieces of the establisment, but looking at how covid works mechanically it makes sense to do that.

But about those sellouts… they aren’t as well protected as you may suggest given what happens to people like Rebekah Jones. You’d like her! She was silenced and fired by the government and told to fudge data, and when she tried to continue her operation on her own, she got a visit from the police and her work equipment was siezed? Who was she? A scientist from Florida who was told to make the Covid statistics and reports to ‘look good’ in terms of less cases so Florida could seem as if it was recovering.

Hedge: “Or, shilling for mass-migration that depresses wages of native workers. And convincing themselves that they just HAPPEN to believe the exact same things as the oligarchs but for different reasons”

Firstly, yes any influx of population will shift the economy of a region, often depressing it… on the short term. On the long term migrating populations tend to increase growth in the regions they settle in.

But onto the next one, the whole ‘woke capitalism’ thing, you almost got it right, we believe in, in its text, some of the messages that some of the brands say, and funnily enough while both our sides see the performative aspect we seem to react way differently. On your side, because it is performative and against your values it clearly its a conspiracy, and fake and only there to hurt you specifically. On our, despite the message being nominally on our side, we recognize that performative stuff is mostly for ‘friendly branding’ and we see corporations as hypocrite, because we actually care about the issues and most of us are doing more for those issues than those corporations ever will do, so it feels scummy and frustrating.

Hedge: “Or this shit lmfao. they can’t even see that, in their abundance of wokeness, that they are encouraging the destruction of small business (usually owned by people who arent that wealthy) to be replaced and bought out by coroprations”

Ignoring the milliard of examples in the same thread he’s mocking of people sharing their bad and exploitative experiences with working in small businesses, because Hedge hasn’t really understood how power dynamics actually work under capitalism.

Hedge: “Most of these people aren’t soc dems or dem socs either, avowed communists say all this exact same shit and whine and moan about “conspiracy theorists”. In fact, for all the moaning they do about the CIA, they are using a word that very well MAY have been invented by the CIA.”

Because your conspiracy theories can end up hurting people, and reinforce oppression. When you do the “Jews run the World” jokes, you’re not actually speaking truth to power, you’re doing what those in power want and go along with a scapegoat. And sure we may use words like MK Ultra, or Cointelpro, words that came from them. But the language is necessary to discuss those matters.

Hedge: “”Class conciousness!!!” he posts from his $1500 iphone with one of those little bubble kickstand holders on it, cuddled up in his fancy upstairs bedroom with colored led lights on the ceiling, in a safe, white, upper class neighborhood”

And here it is, the crux of it. You believe that all of this is performative, that again, its a huge scam to hurt you and those like you. Because people like that are the source of the activism, totally, and they have to have ulterior motives to help people different to them. Here hedge shows a fundamental misunderstanding of empathy, ally-ship, and the source of conflict in places like this.

Because if the people protesting are genuine, and are right it means he is wrong, and has been wrong for a long time, and has been manipulated to be wrong. But it can’t be right, because the other side is the manipulator and we are the good guys! right? Look the left has issues, always has, always will, but at least our endgame is better for the vast majority of people, instead of you, who think underclass and upperclass are natural and good, that there’s always going to be someone below you.

TLDR: Hedgwik is a dipshit, a dumbass, a complete buffoon.

I will take my assumptions of being trans, black, jewish, and neurodivergent if you chuds want to serve them.

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