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Imagine being a cheap whore, seems bad, right? Now imagine being the soy that enables this cheap whore. Pathetic.

The EDL man prepared for the 13-year-old to be abused online and eventually raped him:

Richard Price, a founding member and former director of EDL, was in possession of child pornography. Tommy Robinson, considered a far-right martyr of freedom, defended pedophile Richard:

BNP racist activist convicted of child pornography images and videos:

BNP member found child pornography in a home search:

The same BNP fascist, Ian Siree, previously raped a 14-year-old and harassed a 12-year-old:

The racist, who was also a candidate for election to the BNP, was part of a child pornography network where he distributed material about boys under the age of 13:

Another racist who was a candidate for the BNP election, Roderick Rowley, was also convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography: bnp-when-you-watch-question-time-Tonight-1806874.html

A 40-year-old fascist addict brutally beat his 16-year-old girlfriend:

A 13-year-old girl was sexually abused by a racist fanatic and held illegal images of her:

The National Socialist 43-year-old BNP member found 17,058 child porn images and 215 videos. He himself had also filmed child pornography and told his pedophile friends online that he wanted to murder the little boy and videotape it:

47-year-old member of the Nazi organization Blood & Honor convicted of shocking violent rape:

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