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Oh look, a sore loser.


Biden had the majority of mail in voting(because Trump repeatedly told his base that Mail in voting was suspect), most of which was counted after election day giving the effect of ‘finding’ votes, mostly because for some reason pre-counting of mail in ballots was not allowed. Dead people did not vote, dead people may have been registered but then again you can have dead people still signed up for credit cards and subscriptions, death is not an automatic disconnection. In fact, most accounts of fraud reported were either clerical errors, or straight up just glitches. The paneling on the polling places are because ass-hats showed up to scream at the counters with demands to stop or keep polling… depending what would be convenient for the screamers.

Calling it for what it is; Trump saw a possible defeat coming so he began calling the electoral process into question, he made a really neat narrative for himself, if he wins he defeats the corrupt system, snatching triumph despite the odds… but if he loses it doesn’t count because it was all rigged from the start, so a literal “Shut up, you didn’t win”. Since he likes wrestling I’ll put it this way, he thinks he’s the underdog face but he’s actually the chickenshit heel.

Funny that he didn’t call out the actual, known, fucked up things about the process, like minority registration getting purged(you know, the actual voices being censored), or voting made difficult with long lines and slowed processes, or criminals not being able to vote but still counting toward population for electors, or voting not being a holiday or made easy for swathes of the population, or gerrymandering or all the actual riggings of the electoral college.

Oh wait, those actually benefit him.
LooKing forward to the lefty memes comments and the ‘MUCHO TEXTO’ and whatever.

I’m not reading this, retard

First, ableist slur, gross, secondly, may as well! you think any reason to see that the fraud actually wasn’t is a ‘lol deboooooonkr’.

Look, Trump barely won last time, he didn’t even win the popular vote. What do you expect after 2020 happened.

Oh look, the retard turns out to also be a nigger.

why the hate, say I was black and disabled, why would you hate me?

Calm down Goy, Trust the Fed Plan! Q told me Drumpt would win!

In all honestly I still (cope) that Trump would win, as I don’t see how the Joos would continue all they war they are gunning for in the middle east and Asia without a Republican head to have the army’s full support to start even more wars.

We will be back to calling out Zion Don once he’s safely back in office (Assuming he continues to be Zion Don and doesn’t turn around)

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