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I read you loud and clear, Hedgewik!

Holy shit I feel bad for this guy.
You can see the times he’s made an idiot of himself and that’s only displayed by his comics.
So he goes home and takes to making a new strip so he can make his one liner bumper sticker logic without someone to interrupt him to let him know how much of an idiot he’s making himself out to be.
There’s so many cringe, ignorant comics that display a extreme ignorance of the world around him, other than what he intakes from Fox News daily.
Grow the fuck up, if it doesn’t effect you there’s no point insulting/attacking other groups because you’re so scared from watching the world change around you.

Nah, nobody believes fascism is when the government does stuff. That’s actually more in line with right-wing thought which believes socialism and fascism go hand in hand. I know you don’t actually interact with people to the left of Mussolini so your caricatures of left-leaning folk can only appeal to anti-intellectuals who never cared about properly understanding the world to begin with. Stonetoss is retarded but goddamn, he actually makes decent propaganda

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