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Loving all the racist piles of dogshit on this website. Really reppin’ the hedgewik brand well.

lmao i think my favourite bit about this piece of brainrot is how you apparently think biden is to bernie’s left. also you really, really can’t draw, can you? the guy who does powerup comics has better art than this, and he does it as a joke. seriously, i’ve had diarrhoea that was more expressive and had better linework than this. i’ve had diarrhoea in your mother’s house alone that could have drawn better than this. you suck, man. idk who convinced you anyone could become an artist but i’d sue them for fraud if i were you. because you absolutely can’t. if you just took a photograph of your pale, unwashed ass and posted it, that’d be more pleasant to look at than this. like just. stop. no-one likes this. even people who agree with your pissbaby politics wince when they look at it

anyway groypers and magats are nazis. sorry if this offends, snowflakes

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