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Except the Nazis were socialists. Hitler was a socialist. There are minute differences (like nationalities were treated as races) but they’re pretty much the same thing. Fascism is a byproduct of left wing socialism/communism that’s honest about it’s intentions.

Hitler self identified as “socialist” but he was not marxist in any way. In fact, the word “privatization” was more or less invented to describe the Nazi economy:

Except the German economy was a planned economy. They had price kommissars and everything. Large enough German companies would be forced to have members of the Nazi party, any prior worker unions were disbanded to be replaced by Nazi controlled worker union and other, smaller companies would be controlled by the price kommissars.

Also, in order to keep companies inline, there were many severe penalties for extremely minor errors so if the government decided to perform an audit and there was a minor discrepancy in your books, the government would fine the company to bankruptcy or enforced state control.

Through these methods, the Nazi party could at any time take ownership of the companies. If you “own” something that at any point, someone else can at any time come along and take ownership, with you having absolutely zero means of contesting it, you don’t really “own” that something in the first place.

Read the Vampire Economy.

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