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You will never be stonetoss.

WOW ANTISEMITISM I THOUGHT THIS COULDN’T GET BETTER. This is bad. objectively. this is just an awful thing to put on the internet and I honestly feel sorry for you. This is an ignorant, racist, intolerant post that no one needs to see. It’s not funny, it’s not entertaining. you’re being a bad person and i hope to god you realize this.

dude make something new bring something new to the augment

Jeeeeeeeeee-zus. Complaints that Hedgwik is “no Stonetoss”. Like saying Trump is no Pence.
Correct enough I guess: Hedgewik is edgier, rawer, and needed and welcome.
The more sarcasm aimed at the bullsh*t being shoved down our gullets (by you-know-who), by whatever and however many persons who have the talent to do so, the better.

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