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funny, its always “You’ve been fooled it was actually x” but x is always jews. Every. Single. Time.

its boring, get a new scapegoat, I’ve heard that blaming immigrants is fashionable again.

wait no, immigrants means jews are behind it right? Nevermind then.

So anyways, antismitism is a really old form of tribalism, because back in the day those dastardly jews commited the attrocity of… *reads notes* refusing to abandon their culture and creed when the land they were on was conquered, so they remained appart, and were Othered and scapegoated by other groups, who accused them of being evil just because of being different.

Yeah isn’t crazy how it’s a jew Every. Single. Time.?

its too convenient. I mean conspiracies always are. its liek; oh look at that the people I already dislike are the problem, its too easy. What about that other problem? Oh look at that its those same people. I’ve never trusted those kinda answers. The world’s is too weird and messy for a clear cut answer like X-people did it every time.

but you keep believing in that fairytale, you clearly need it.

Occam’s Razor.
The simplest answer is usually correct.

weird way to spell scapegoat, but ok.

Funny enough that the idea of a “scapegoat” is carried on in the jewish ritual of “transferring” your sins to a chicken and then beating the shit out of it to try and trick God. silly Jews, God is much smarter than you think

Yeah, good on ya for the history lesson, doesn’t change that across the western world scapegoating is a practice to ensure the morality and strength of society, its taking the Other, assigning it societies ills and telling people that if they were gone things would be better… while not actually doing anything to better it, is textbook scapegoating.

Its theater, its sacrificing people you don’t like or you’ve been told not to like just to feel better about your situation or worse, to distract from the issue.

Bro how much jewish cock do you have in your mouth lmfao you do nothing but simp for them every day, you’re such a fucking trained golem barking at anyone and everyone who dare criticize or call out jews for being jews

And you suck antisemite dick, get pegged by nazis and let transphoboes give you a rimjob 24/7. Your masters want you to hurt people and like a good little bigot soldier you parrot all of it.

I literally brought up scapegoating and you went “Hmmm but its jewish in origin so I don’t have to listen to you” without any self awareness.

The truth is even if you rid the world of Jews you won’t have your paradise. That’s the problem. You’re just hurting people that don’t deserve it.

Again you live in a fairytale “once uppon a time there was a little man with an orange hat…”

Wait how can i suck my own dick or give myself a “rimjob” wtf…. anyways yeah retard beautiful strawman, of course simply removing jewish influence isn’t enough on it’s own, you have to then work hard and long to construct a good, healthy, and wholesome society that values hard work and labor, family values and racial harmony.

Yeah but you think getting jewish people out of the way is part of that process as if “good, healthy, and wholesome society that values hard work and labor, family values and racial harmony.” is imposible without that first step. and knowing your other opinions “family Values” means getting rid of anything that isnt strict straight and monogamous, and “racial harmony” means for people to kowtow to white people.

You are damn right if you think I want to get rid of absolutely anything that isn’t strictly straight and monogamous, anything else is disgusting and if you’re gonna be a homosexual degenerate and you’re doing it in a way that makes other people know about it you’re in big trouble. and well “kowtow to white people” ironically you want people to kowtow to jews, but no i really don’t believe in making everyone kowtow to white people if there off in their own little countries. and yeah jews are pretty much one of the biggest issues in bringing that society into fruition. Also we are hitting the thread limit because WordPress sucks so loop back to replying to my first reply to you.

Why does being attracted to your same gender make you a degen? This is just moralistic scapegoating again.

I’m not asking you to “accept my jewish masters” dude. But you’re racist asshole so in some way you support the subjugation of races, even if you don’t believe in it, that’s what every racist joke is “haha, look at them, they’re worse than us”

plus occam’s itself funnily enough has many interpretations, but the original is more along the lines of “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.” when applied to religious and metaphyiscal matters. I don’t think a friar from the 14th century meant that to be applied to international politics.

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