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“Communists are hypocrites because they dismiss atrocities on their ideologies but will willingly condemn Antisemitism when its brought up, clearly the two are comparable”

Shove it up your ugly ass.

Hey there buddy, tell me what happened to the Jews under Stalin. Tell me how communism treated them.

Also, the Nazis may have stuck the Jews in concentration camps but they didn’t commit a holocaust against them, that was the Soviets. They slaughtered the Jews and blamed it on the Nazis.The Germans never had any instances of mass slaughter like the Jewish Holocaust but with the communists, bloody purges and holocausts are a regular occurrence.

*Warning, textblock incoming*
I will agree that there is a constant of antisemitism across history, ever since they stopped having hegemonic power there has been an othering of Jews, they constantly have had the shorter end of the stick. But I’ve already had a thread of trying to discuss history with you. You just want to scapegoat the Jews for the reason all people scapegoat others, to avoid the real problem. The oppression and hatred of a people is a construct of capitalism, of imperialism, of all vertical power structures. Hitler picked the Jews(and the queer, political dissidents, and the Roma people among others) partly because he did drink his own coolaid but some of it was calculated, he picked people that in the zietgeist were already the enemy or at least suspect, he said, “If we get rid of them Germany will be better” and was it? maybe a little, for the ones favored by Hitler, for a while, but then the expansionism starts, and more camps get opened and Hitler starts picking fights that while could have won the odds were against him.

My point is, think why do you want to hate the Jews. I’ll walk down that road and assume all you say about Jews is right. If all the conspiracy you have heard about the Jews are correct, then you have no chance with simply hateful rhetoric of changing the world because the powers that be will curtail your influence, and good luck trying to fight a “we control all” evil secret organization, this is the real world, and there’s no superheroes or superspies to deal with that kind of pulpy crap, you think exposing them is enough? by conspiracy logic they are big big and strong enough that exposure is no longer a real risk, how will you win?

If you keep being antisemitic under these assumptions you’re simply going to hurt innocent people out of spite. But maybe that’s what you need to make this ok. Or maybe the conspiracy is that every single Jew is a part of it, no matter how high or low in the food-chain, but even IF they are guilty… your rhetoric doesn’t matter because they already won and keep winning. You can’t win, it may make you feel better, but in an almost masturbatory sense. You think you’re this spitfire, speaking truth to power, but under your own assumptions your more like a kid flipping off an imperial officer or shock trooper before you’re corralled back into the coalmines.

How can you win?

Hitler was a socialist. The Nazi party was a socialist party (The Night of the Long Knives was the purge of the wrong kind of socialists, they wanted a bloody revolution where Hitler wanted a peaceful revolution, he was noted as being proud that not even a single pane of glass was broken in his revolution). Socialism and communism have a common economic structure that is “controlled”. It’s one of the reasons why both system invariably fail because you can’t control an economy like that. But they tried with their reichkommissars and started running out of money. So Hitler had to expand and start invading other countries to sustain the German economy. This kind of thing is known as a “vampire economy”. It’s one of the reasons why Hitler broke his truce with Stalin (funny how few people seem to bring that up) because he wanted the food and mineral wealth in Russia. That’s why the Nazis favoured siege tactics in Russia by the way. So they’d have an easier time of stealing their resources and shipping it back to Germany.

In regards to the queer Germans at the time, a decade ago, I was all for the LGBT being accepted. But then I started seeing creepy behaviour, the attempted normalisation of paedophilia. From communist and feminist literature extolling paedophilia, to pride parades where there are videos/pictures of children kissing adult men and dancing sexually to the recent Cuties. Unfortunately the slippery slope is very real and I’m finding myself less and less inclined to support it. Gypsies are thieves. I worked in retail for several years after getting out of college and despite my attempts of being accepting and respectful of them, without fail they stole, abused me, other staff and customers. Often two of the three. I never once saw a gypsy enter the store that was anything other than a thief and a scumbag.

You know, I don’t particularly hate the Jews. I don’t think the Germans did more than put them into concentration camps. At the end of the war when resources were growing thin and the Nazis were losing the war, they didn’t have the resources to feed them and that’s where you get the emaciated pictures of them. Funnily enough the pictures of the German guards looking thin and undernourished rarely makes the rounds but I have seen them.

One thing I will say about the Jews which makes me treat them with suspicion though:

No seriously, watch it. Secondly, you always see Jews at the forefront of multiculturism etc but ask them about accepting migrants from other countries to Israel and you’ll be called anti-semitic. I wonder why that is?

And what can I do? Very little. I can try spreading awareness, I’m only one guy after all. You talk about “speaking truth to power,” would you say that to the alphabet people? Or to the black or brown people? It’s not over till it’s over.

So to summarize:

“The Nazis were the right kind of socialists” Which is why they destroyed the KPD and their idea of socialism was a vertically structured ‘meritocracy’… with Hitler and his buddies on top, of course. Look, I will say the same for any autocrat, it would be funny of the constant of humanity that goes ‘this is the right, just way to rule people… with me and maybe my buddies at the top because its my idea’ if it didn’t lead to suffering like a good solid 70% of the time.

“The rainbow coalition are pedophiles” Right because most actual pedophiles aren’t heterosexual men that are close to the child to begin with.

“The Roma are actual thieves and Hitler was right because a couple of them shoplifted and scammed me” You know what, its fair that you feel this way. But funny how you never bring up how the roma people are economically marginalized. Gee, its like crime doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

“I don’t hate Jews, but I will doubt atrocities done against them and will actively find arguments to disparage them, also multiculturalism is bad because Jews want to keep Israel” Look, whether you actually hate them or not, you are being antisemitic. Israel is a fucking complicated and messy situation, because while it is one of the few situation in which a people managed to reclaim a territory they were ousted from initially, you can make a very compelling argument for it being unfair to displace the Palestinians to give the Jews their ancestral place. It would be an equivalent of there being a concerned effort of expanding the indigenous reservations across the Americas and establishing them as independent selfsustaining countries. Hundreds of millions of people would need to be displaced, and they would be rightfully angry, but the indigenous people would see it as a fair and vindicating reclaiming of their lands, and would likely be protective of them and be leery of immigration. I don’t know what the right answer is, I will freely admit that, maybe Israel could stand to be more open in their borders.

Oh but finally and this is my favorite “me hating Jews is the same as oppressed people fighting their oppressors for the right to exist as equal humans, because the Jews are oppressing me, yes they are, its true” Look, I won’t do the lefty meme of ‘whities have oppression coming, look at them squirm’ because nobody deserves oppression, everybody deserves a full happy life, which is which is why you have to fight the forces that would make it not so. The difference is when you say ‘Jews rule us all we have to stop them’ you are screaming about punching up, but most of the times end up punching down. I will say that others can make the same mistake, specifically targeting white people not due to their privilege, but due to racial prejudice. But! there’s also something to be said about white people and those on the favored sides of society, feeling a sort of… privilege anxiety, because people other than them get opportunities and help and validation. It is natural that it happens, if someone grows up eating the whole pie, and not caring the others get crumbs, they will see it as an unfair offense that those angry rude people are taking a piece of their pie. Except the pie is usually stolen to start with, and the other people were starving on crumbs.

It isn’t over till its over, you’re right. But when is it over, what does the perfect society look like? Or at least a close to perfect one?

Another video:

The Nazis were socialists. I’m sure you’ve heard the common refrain from communists and socialists of “That wasn’t real socialism/communis!” Hitler had the same reaction when he ready Marx’s Big Red Book of Bullshit. Only he thought that capitalism was a Jewish system to gain ownership of a nation’s economy. The bloody and soil argument from him and other Nazis existed because at the time, races were synonymous with nationalities. Slavs, the Irish etc weren’t even considered white back then.

Hitler killing the other socialists is no different than any other group of socialists killing a competing brand of socialists. It happens with every socialist revolution,.

Yes, the paedos on the right deserve to swing from a noose too. Compared to the volume of them on the left though, you’re comparing mountains to molehills.

I never said they deserved death. But they are untrustworthy and I wouldn’t give a shit about their expulsion from polite society at large.

Correct, I don’t really hate them. I just don’t trust them. And putting them into concentration camps, while not morally good is a far cry from committing genocide on them. As I mentioned, that’s far more likely to be a Soviet Russia thing rather than a German thing. Genocide is more a socialist/communist mindset. I don’t care if you think I’m anti-semitic. I am anti-semitic. I don’t care. I also have no problem with them reclaiming their home land. After the Jews rose up against the Romans that resulted in the Romans coming down on the Jews resulting in the Diaspora, it’s their own fault for trying to rise up against a far superior force and not being able to hold on it. It suck but that was what it was like back then. Do remember that during their uprising the Jews slaughtered innocent men, women and children, committing some excessively barbaric actions.

Good, we agree that no one deserves to be oppressed but that’s not the way the world works. There’s oppression everywhere and compared to what it was like one or two or several hundred years ago, today oppression is people being offended the order of words. Person of colour is not offensive where coloured person is offensive. There’s no literal difference between the two statements except the order.

Where you see white privilege I see people getting angry at being betrayed. Throughout the 90s, we were sold the idea of letting bygones being bygones. Old enmities would be forgotten, we would come together as mankind, not the white race or the black race and like a fool, I bought into it. But now? It’s “Fuck you colonizer!”… “Fuck you whitey!” … “Fuck you oppressor!” to people who’ve never owned slaves, who wouldn’t be considered racist twenty, now everyone who’s white is automatically a racist and every minority or non-white is a poor, helpless victim who can’t help but be worse and below the white man.

As said as I am say it, segregated nations. Compare any homogeneous society to a mixed society and you’ll find a cohesive society to fracturing society. Google the racial breakdowns of the most peaceful, pleasant places to live in the US and compare them to the most ethnically diverse and you’ll see what I mean.

Nazis had some socialist-esque interventionism but it was also benefited by corporations, private capital, in fact the businesses that were taken from private german jews were given to private german gentiles. The Nazis also abhorred the atheistic aspect of socialism among many things.

Pedophiles that have hurt children deserve to be punished, regardless of political beliefs, my problem is that people that don’t like the rainbow coalition will call the pedophiles, and actual pedophiles try to portray themselves as another sexuality, which is fucking vile, and your kind of people believing them, and buying into “the gayz are gonna rape your children” mentality actually hurts kids more.

Again, the Nazi rhethoric was ‘get rid of these people’ mass killings did happen. The starvings happened not all of them intentional, and even if that affected the Germans keeping them in the camps… they still made the choice to keep them in the camps. The Jewish rebellion part of your response does give me despair. Rebellions are by in large violent, but you’re saying that the oppressed deserve to be hurt because they use violence regardless of why the rebellion happened in the first place.

“person of color and colored person are the same” My dude, let me get you in on a lefty secret, language has meaning and words have bagage, both were racist terms to begin with, but POC was reclaimed by the people it refers to. In other words, people get to define how you’re allowed to call them, in a micro and macro scale. They have that right. You’re not black? you don’t get to decide how black people can be referred to. Sorry.

Oh yes, the 90’s the equal wonderland of civil rights in which black people were still beaten and killed by the police, ghettos still existed, the legacy of Jim Crow, redlining and other racist politics still existed. And now? dude, people are pissed, and they can get organized, and try to get heard and affect change. But like the years before they get marked as violent rioters, and looters, who are mad for no reason because Obama was president you guys, racism is over :). But it isn’t. White people are assumed to be racist because they inherently benefit of a system that due to imperialism and capitalism designated BIPOC as OK to oppress.

But here’s a thing, oppression is a choice, perpetuating the system is a choice. Feeling backlash from the system because you’re black and seek equality, and feeling backlash from black people because you oppress them or even if you don’t do so directly but you make excuses for and support those systems, these two are not equal, because you can choose not to want to oppress black people, black people can’t stop being black. Buying into the idea that black people can’t help but be be victimized ignores decades and hundreds of years and lives poured into seeking equality, but maybe you want that because guess what; “these poor people cant help but be under us” is also a racist ass assumption. Admitting the system is set up to fuck you over is not an admission of defeat, its an admission of difficulty and strife, its marking the starting point not the finish line.

So racially segregated nations, that’s what you have… ok, I’m curious, how do you divide them? And once you have rid yourself of all other ethnicity because those cause friction, you don’t think there will be issues? What’s the economic system? Because if you keep capitalism around poor people will be still exploited and oppressed, because the system demands an underclass, Jews or no Jews. In fact there will be new scapegoats or acceptable targets most likely, I don’t know which ones, maybe gray eyed people, or women, or redheads. Global warming will likely still be an existential issue, and so long as capitalism can profit more while dooming the planet than saving it.

TLDR: Even if you get what you want, you may make life for you and yours a bit better… but not as much as you think, and the same issues will reassert themselves if you keep the oppressive system. Jews or no Jews, BIPOC or no BIPOC, LGBT or no LGBT.

Wait! I now realize that I allowed myself to fall into a false dichotomy.

Perhaps the BEST to choose is …
HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG-ISM. National Socialism IS, after all, a form of socialism. So that should satisfy soy-boys and anti-fa types, should it not?

As for me, I choose …
HITLER. Who was NOT atrocious, at all.

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