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Hey yo, hey yo Blacks be the real racists

These democrat bitches need a fucking face lift

Everyone knows conservatives, we got the harem

Maybe you heard of our girl, I’m talking Tomi Lahren

Going to town on her pussy with this big ass dick

Her ass bouncing up and down while I’m playing wit dem tits

Take it out and push her head down

Shes sucking on my log, really going to town

Shooting one off like American Sniper

Cum rolling down her chin shes hissing like a viper

Shes begging for more, she wants round two

I gotta hop in my F150 tho I gots work to do

The Proud Boys are under attack

Some libbie scum, some gays and some blacks

They hate us for our freedom and wanna smash our speech

But we stand up for ourselves online and in the streets

Pop a clip in the AR, it’s bout to get poppin

Leave Tomi in the bed, her pussy a throbbin

Yo dis is the real shit Patriotism aint to be fucked with All you liberals

– him if he was white

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