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Meritocracy means an 89% white workforce.

actually if anything it would probably result in a majority asian workforce
though asians are like schroedinger’s POC cause they break the white supremacy systemic racism narrative

Asians aren’t especially competent. If they were, they’d have been the race to rule the world, not whites. Oopsie.

Jungle Asians are like Central American Indios, they aren’t as refined or intelligent as the lighter skinned ones. Cambodians, Laotians, and Filipinos are nigger wannabes in the US. I don’t know how it is for Europe. Don’t conflate all Asians with the Japanese, or Koreans who are extremely efficient.

Reminds me of when I get capitan in kickball. I chose only white and asians (have to take a nig unfortunatley cuz numbers) and the other squad is 40% niggers and even tho they have like 80% of the strong kids we still beat them 43-29 or simmilar due to superior aryan intelect.

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