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News for Hebrews published on 31 Comments on News for Hebrews

On some unremarkable day, you might find yourself on a weird corner of the internet when suddenly, you’re reading an article called, “The Jewish Story Behind the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank”.

You might think to yourself, “Huh, this website seems like some stupid Nazi garbage. Anti-semitic conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the Fed? Gimme a break”.

But you venture to take a closer look at who authored this article (yes, it’s real). It was none other than the “Jignats” at The Jewish Daily Forward. These “Jignats” constantly write articles bragging about everything The Tribe is up to (and yes, they literally call Jews “The Tribe” – no, this isn’t a Nazi website).

Credit to Thuletide for this tweet. Check out his Twitter and his blog.

The Forward, like The Jewish Journal and The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, among others, is a “Jignat” publication; in contrast to the “optics Jews” that write for publications such as The Times of Israel or the Jerusalem Post (flashback to when they wrote an article about none other than yours truly). Of course, this is a play on the popular terms in the dissident right to differentiate between “optics guys” (groypers, for example) and “wignats” (the definition on which some are torn; to some it means skinheads and others that don’t present themselves well, to others it means people who have more extreme beliefs than others).

The Jignats are the Jews who are constantly giving the game away. “Hey guys check this out; did you know about all the Jewry going on in Mao Tse Tung’s rise to power?”. Or, as noted earlier, “Hey, check this out; Kamala Harris is married to a Jew, and Joe Biden’s children!“. Article after article of adamant, proud admission that; “yes, everything so-called “anti-semites” say about Jewish power is almost unequivocally true; the only problem is, they’re on the wrong side to say it’s bad. It’s all good and awesome for Jews to be doing all these things.”

It’s incredible to have resources like The Forward since it blows out of the water the arguments over whether or not Jews have the power alleged by some. I made an entire chart a while back to outline the backtracking that takes place when arguing with someone about Jewish Power. It starts out with the opponent saying, “heh, it’s all fake and you’re a liar”. Then, upon showing some evidence, it turns into “well that’s just cherrypicking and misrepresentation, they don’t actually control the whole thing/their influence is limited”. After that, they backtrack to “Well fine, they’re definitely overrepresented and have disproportionate influence. That’s for their culture of hard work ethic. And they control the banks because they were barred from owning land and were the only religion who would engage in usury.” What I find incredible is how people can adamantly admit that the Talmud allowed for usury, and Jews would use usury to usurp, while Christians were barred because their religion forbade it – and then NOT draw certain conclusions. Actually, that’s not true… I don’t find it that incredible. When Jews run the media (something they’re proud to admit) and just tell the masses what to think, of course those conditioned masses will just accept Jewish power without question. The guilt and victim complex Jews have built for themselves with a certain narrative in the last few decades has made this incredibly easy for them.

Anyways, the article that specifically spurred me to make this comic about The Forward was this: “With Jewish lawyers on each side, the impeachment trial feels Talmudic“. This article made its way around the Twitter-sphere and hilarity ensued. Some compared the writing style of The Forward to Der Stürmer; except instead of saying, “Jews are doing all these things, and it’s bad”, The Forward says “Jews are doing all these things, and it’s awesome”.

A takeaway from this about Jewish power is that the comprehension of it has to be coupled with the understanding of the issue with what has been done. What I mean by this is that you can’t tell someone who enjoys degeneracy and prides themselves in being a lowlife consumer unit about Jewish power and expect them to have profound care or understanding; they’re happy (at least, they think they are) with the destruction of certain social values and ideals and the consumeristic degradation of society. The idea one should form as a sort of argument is this: “At a certain time, a certain set of values was seen as commonplace and enjoyed by the masses. These values were eroded by the media, through certain social movements, and other systemic institutions. These institutions had an overwhelming and growing Jewish power presence preceding, during, and following these social transformations which most people saw as negative. We can infer from their (the wielders of this systemic power) own words, actions, and publications that this was done with intent to do away with values that were held in high regard by a previously existing society. Therefore, it would be accurate to say that Jewish power is largely responsible for the doing away with of certain values and societal organization.” That’s a bit basic and not very well-fleshed out as I’d like it to be, but you get the idea. This is a neutral argument I could see used (upon further development and clarification by someone better at that than me).

There isn’t much more I can say here without repeating myself, really. The Forward speaks for itself. All I can hope is that they keep up the awesome journalism – they’re doing great work, and helping out some very good causes with the information they are able to spread to the masses.


Glad to see y’all realize Jews are active and not really secretive on media. How does this apply to less ethnocentric Jewish news like Haaretz?

Jews are awesome! :3

TFW you are winning so big you are begging to lose
Seriously they just don’t care at this point. The entire right has been cucked for so long. There is NO ONE rightwing leader that has no troubled history. All of them are either zionists, married jewish wife, feds, or at least associated/helped/rehabilitated other feds.
Just today NJF had a fallout with Patric Casey who stated he is going under FBI investigation while STILL collecting people’s name for a IRL meetup. When you take into account NJF’s history with Milo it’s clear he is another Jesuit Fed.
Seriously I can’t see even ONE guy who is remotely prominent and isn’t a Fed or totally cucked. The absolute state of US right now

It’s unfortunate and the thought of that fate is why I don’t 1) play around with “optics” in the sense of misrepresenting to make ideas more palpatable to the powers that be and 2) dont attach myself too much to certain movements to the point where I’m tied to them, while also not burning bridges and cutting people off. I’m here to be real and do what I can to move things forward

I checked out your argument in the 2nd to last paragraph.
It has been stated before by Yuri Bezmenov. Checkout his video on subversion and demoralization of US by communists. Just replace commies with the tribe (which is the truth anyway) and it’d fit right in.
The satanic panic/red scare was totally real, but the education/intellectual institutions/media owned by the tribe covered it up and here we are in 2021 seeing everything falling apart.
Honestly as long as you play for optics you will never win. The tribe control the media and thus public opinion which defines optics. How can you win the game when you play with their rules that they change all the time (ever leftwards.) It will only get more and more restrictive on the right but the left can say more and more batshit insane things without consequences.
The entire west is living under anarcho tyranny now.

Well, before i start.

Before you say kike, fuck israel, the talmud, the media and retards who use a historic event to justify stupid behaviors and in the first part fuck kikes.

After that, in general i feel that believing that jews are a hivemind is very retarded and will only make the act of fixing the problems powerful people cause something harder and with results that will damage nearly everyone.

I understand that there are a lot of powerful people who are indeed jewish, but the problem of just saying is the kikes fault is that it doesn’t fix the real problem (the nepotistic behavior of extreme groups and the justification they can make to instill bad behavior), obviously some retards want to do shit that affects everyone, but the act of saying a general population is at fault is that it will be used as a justification to attack others.

“But we can kill them” is a shit excuse because you would need to kill every infringing group (which is something canonically imposible) and in the end it would be used as a justification to attack others.

The real solution is to focus specific persons and understand that the past is something that happened and can be fixed, not as a tool to instill damage (to everyone, you don’t need to respect a retard because of muh jewish heritage which is fake and gay).

The 119 countries argument is bad too because all populations have been thrown out of all countries, even more because the real reason they dropped them wasn’t “antijewism or other shit phrase” but because some people stole shit, something very common in all populations who got expelled of most countries (whites, africans, asians etc.)

The reason they don’t tell this is because they would seem less oppressed, while at the same time making the tactic of using nearly everyone as meatshields to develop stupid behavior nearly impossible (this worked even in ww2, the powerful didn’t die, just general people who were unlucky to be in the wrong time, even more because even germany had relationships with those banks).

The reality of all of this is that this is caused by a lot of people, jewish or not, who put stupid people in charges they will never do correctly.

Even more because jews (like all populations with specific jobs) where always given the jobs of entertainers or banking (not because the bible forgive banking (except when stealing, something that a bank shouldn’t do, even if they are sadly a lot who do it), but because they were seen as expendable jobs, the fact that some people used it as a justification to make a lot of people suffer is different), even then, they have are still a lot of non jewish people who are in these industries (like 60% or 70% in some cases)

What i want to conclude with this, it’s not kikes (a bad person needs to be insulted with his swears) are good, but that most jews aren’t hiveminds and that the act of literally making a jew “the enemy” will just be a recipe to make powerful people maintain the power (everyone with no interest to help people in power is problematic, it doesn’t matter what is his fucking religion) and finally become easier for them to use other people as tools to attack others.

The usurery of the talmud is not a problem, the problem is not what some retard dudes take from a book (like killing persons or punishing people for doing specific behaviors), even more because the talmud was made by a different portion of jews who had some retarded ideas.

Instead of doing something impossible, we should be fixing the main problems that we have today.

I like your comics tho very funny.

Everyone with zero interest to eliminate bad people in power*

>The goyim are noticing, quick let’s pretend to fight
>I am the good jew
>Not I am the good jew
Hitler was fooled by this too and thought the zionists were the good guys that also want jews out of Europe.
Please get me one good jew that isn’t trying to subvert the right. Those who actually converted to Christ and exposing other jews thus disavowing judaism doesn’t count. (e.g. brother nathanael whom is saying yes all jews are bad btw)

Well.The ones who didn’t do anything.

This self defeating mechanism is just a simple way to not do anything.

And like i said, the main problem is letting bad people enter power positions, in general the ones who let them do stupid shit are other dudes who want to get benefits, its a general problem of idiots letting people do wathever they want.

Obviously they were bad people who are jewish, but that doesn’t mean that a jew is connected to others.

More to this, you can say that the ones who didn’t do anything are just hiding bad jews, the problem with this iact of believing that all the group is a hivemind, is not less equal to believing whites are always racist and are putting the black man down, something, which again, is a self justification and nearly impossible in the first place (unless being a jew connected you to jewmind and made you choose lawyer or shit like that).

The real fact is that many jews don’t know this shit, if they were you could say that they are the problem, which in fact isn’t.

EZ PZ the ED admin running a scammer site which includes dox and smear on right wing people…?
For anyone interested dig up the history of ED, its very interesting

The dude didn’t smear shit, it’s just a general dude. Even then, the dude talks abput the problem of trannies, retards and much more. Even more because ED has changed owner through owner and the staff has always been different.

Unless ED states that mainstream politics are good, It isn’t a right wing hate site, mocking retaeds like nick fuentes isn’t being anti right wing. Even more because he is an hypocrite

Any follower of the jewish religion is a hivemind. They all have the same goals, and these same kikes you’re now trying to defend have repeatedly stated, openly, that while a few of them may disagree on methods their goals are the same.

The jew considers all non-jew to be animals, livestock, cattle, slaves, servants, to be lied to and dominated.

The jew is hated in every nation it has ever infected also because of their religious beliefs. The prophecy of the Talmud and other ancient jewish devil texts spells out very clearly a list of conditions that must be met before the return of the Messiah. The six gorrilion that the jewish press has parroted for decades before an Austrian painter with a trained bear built an underground roller coaster system at his lampshade factory is part of that prophecy. Six million jews must be slaughtered. The jews must he hated globally. So the jew does everything they can to be despised, because they WANT to be killed off. They WANT the world to hate them so deeply that they will call for the real genocide the kikes lie about daily. Because they need to be hated. They need to have every last of the “lost tribes of Israel” return home, or be killed off. They need every last jew to obey the shabbot.

The jew is so jewy they sit all day thinking up ways to out-jew their own god. The eruv is a good example of this, as the kosherswitch. If the jew cannot convince modern jews to obey the old texts they will trick them into “technically” obeying the prophecy through these jew loopholes. If every land not conquored by jews is hostile to jews it will force them back home. If every land is controlled by jews, they aren’t leaving their domain.

It’s all about jewish prophecy. Every jew is part of the disease. Every jew defends every other jew when you call out the jewish disease. They all need put down. Every last one.

Reminds me if a classic joke:

Two Jews are on the morning train in 1936 Germany. One is reading ‘the Yiddish times’, he looks over and sees his brother reading ‘The daily Stormer’.
“Oy vey Moshe” he says, “why are you reading that horrible antisemitic rag?”
“Well” Moshe replies, “I read the Yiddish times and it’s all “Jews being deported, Jews in ghettos, 6 million Jews done to death already. Yery depressing.
But I read der stürmer- Jews run the world! Jews control all the banks! Jews are rich scammers! I much prefer this news!”

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