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aren’t human

neither are white “people” dumbass cracka

Shitty pseudoscience and terrible strawman argument. It must be pathetic to dwell in your basement all day churning out these shitty strawman comics to try and own your opponents.

Try and debunk it then faggot.

It’s the equivalent of saying “If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?”

We didn’t evolve from Africans. Modern Africans and Europeans evolved from the same people, in Africa.

but we evolved from monkeys and there are still some monkeys left asking for gibs

This is stupid. First of all, they are still the same species. So there was no evolution between them. Second of all, even if there was evolution, the “blacks” would have evolved too. Third, that’s not how evolution works. Evolution means you fit your environment better, not that you become superior to the previous species. So if there was evolution, that would just mean the others would fit the environment they traveled to better than the ones from africa. Not that they would be better than the ones from africa.

Whites are still better than blacks at everything except running and jumping.

a naked White in midair isn’t as good as birds at flying, thus white is inferior to bird.

Nice false logic. You’re right – whites can’t fly as well as birds. But, whites can do just about everything else better than a bird can. All blacks can do well is breed children they can’t afford to raise, run fast, and jump high. Whites are better at everything else.

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