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Why do trannies feel entitled to have us “validate” their mental illnesses? Sounds like something a privileged class would think.

The rise of transgenderism and race-mixing are the result of Jews:

Are you the same person? Your old work is very different style.
I m curious : Are you Christian or ateist? Sorry for my english, I m from Argentina

only one me, yep. through magic hyperborean runes (and a few books on how-to) i’ve been increasing my art skill over the past couple years pretty significantly, and i’ve still got plenty of ways to go. And i am christian

And you suspect nothing of a religion made by them, that ask is fidels to obey, forgive, conform, etc? And the church steal most of is text from the Sun cult. Search about the faction of the crusades that as , as rite of passage, to step and spit in the cross and why. Again, sorry for my english.

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