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Racial Basis

Racial Basis published on 45 Comments on Racial Basis

Listen to me narrate the following article as an audio recording here:

I made this recording because I understand that many, myself included, have a short attention span and are often unable to absorb written content in articles easily. This is my first time doing something like this and I had to whisper for it. Enjoy.


According to several official news outlets, there’s evidence to suggest there has been a recent uptick in attacks against Asian people.

Check out this article done by CNN on one of these such attacks: “Family of Thai immigrant, 84, says fatal attack ‘was driven by hate'”.

According to CNN, this article was published/last updated on February 16, 2021. The authors are Kyung Lah and Jason Kravarik.

Not much info was available on this Kravarik fellow. Searching his name led to me discovering this guy writes a lot of articles about “extremism”, mostly of the “right-wing” variety. I was taken aback when I checked the images tab; when searcing this Kravarik guy, the first thing you see is none other than a pic of Alex McNabb:

I couldn’t view the link on McNabb since the connection was blocking me, but I’m going to make a reasonable assumption it was something about him being a “white racist supremacist”. (Probably something about the litigation with his EMT ordeal akin to this.) In any case, the next article was about some white supremacist guy who got executed, and the next ones almost all had to do with something about “white supremacy” or “neo-nazism”. It’s safe to assume that covering white supremacy/white racism is this guy’s sweet spot.

So why did he co-author this article that was designed to showcase a story promoting the idea that there has been increased violence against Asians, possibly racially motivated?

It probably would have something to do with the articles he’s written in the past about white supremacy and white racism, right? Trump’s stubbornness in calling the Corona Virus the “China Virus” has got to be stirring up his racist white base into making racially motivated attacks against Asians. …Right?

Well, why don’t you go ahead and Ctrl-F/Find-on-Page the word “white” on the article I linked. I’ll link it again here for your convenience: “Family of Thai immigrant, 84, says fatal attack ‘was driven by hate'”

If you typed the word “white” into Find On Page with that article I just linked, you’ll find nothing. Now type in “racism” or “racist” and you get some hits:


We needed to document the racism directed towards Asians because mainstream society doesn’t believe that we face racism and we need us to document what was happening and we needed to identify the trends,” he said.
Jeung said racism and assaults have created “a climate of fear and anxiety” in many Asian American communities.
There is no uniform crime data on anti-Asian incidents connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, a Pew research study from last June found nearly a third of Asian Americans said they’d been subject to racist slurs or jokes since the pandemic began, while 26% said they feared someone might physically attack them


So what do we remember from our mandatory Intersectionality and Whiteness Comprehension Training courses our jobs and schools are having us take on an ever increasing basis? It’s that RACISM is when those with SYSTEMIC POWER attack those without it for racial reasons, and assert that they are racially superior. Therefore, this attack MUST have been perpetrated by a white person; otherwise, “racist” is not the correct word for it. And we all know very well that no matter the case, using the word “racism” generates that idea as a subliminal message; after all, according to The Experts, we live in a systemically white supremacist society that perpetuates systemic racism against nonwhites.

Uh oh. Wait a second….

Source: “Who is Antoine Watson? SF teen who killed 84-year-old man by shoving him to pavement pleads not guilty”


Aww, SHEEEEITT!!!! No WONDER they didn’t mention the accused killer’s race in the CNN article. NOW it makes sense – this was an oppressed BIBOC (Black or Indegenous Body Of Color) who committed this act of violence against an Asian person because he was TRICKED by White Supremacists in the Media telling him Asians were evil. His Socio-Economic factors also played a decisive role in his sleight of hand.

From the Meaww article:

In the footage, Ratanapakdee, who was originally from Thailand, can be seen walking in the driveway of a house when the suspect suddenly sprinted towards him and knocked him to the ground before casually walking away in the same direction he came from. The attack came with such a speed that Ratanapakdee was thrown backward and he landed on the pavement. Ratanapakdee died after sustaining severe injuries. Watson was “apparently vandalizing a car” when Ratanapakdee looked at him and changed directions on his walk, Connolly said in his detention motion, citing surveillance footage from the scene. A witness told the police they heard a voice shouting, “Why you lookin’ at me?” twice before hearing Ratanapakdee, prosecutors said.

How sad. This young teenage boy was so full of brightness and potential before this event occurred. Had it not been for systemic racism and socio-economic factors forcing him to vandalize people’s automobiles just to make ends meet, he might have continued on to become a doctor or a scientist, or some other esteemed profession.

I’d like you to go back and Ctrl-F/Find-On-Page the word “black” or “african” on that CNN article about the incident. Spoiler alert: you won’t find anything.

Back to the elusive co-author of the article in question: “Jason Kravarik”. He doesn’t even have his own page, despite supposedly working for CNN itself. Kyung Lah, who is purported to be the main author, has her own page on CNN’s website detailing information about her. No such page exists for Kravarik.

I was able to find a couple of pieces of evidence as to who this figure might be. One of these is a Twitter page that I have no reason to believe isn’t him. It has 1,315 followers as of penning this article.
@jasonkCNN on Twitter

My second discovery was a page on a website called MuckRack. It appears to be like a LinkedIn or something, but for journalists only. I assume in my best faith that this is him, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.
Jason Kravarik on MuckRack

The third piece is an IMDb page with his name on it.

“Computer: ENHANCE.”

I can’t find much evidence proving anything solid about Kravarik’s background. I’ll let you analyze these pictures that are presumably of him for yourself and draw your own conclusions. I have a hypothesis, but without sufficient evidence, I cannot decisively declare a conclusion either way.

But one thing is for certain; this man has a history of writing articles that promote a narrative of white supremacy being an omnipotent threat in America; in fact, I wasn’t able to find an article by him that DIDN’T have something to do with it. So it’s easy to do a little thinking and try to un-parse his motivations for co-writing an article that lambasts against “racist attacks” and promotes a narrative of widespread “racist violence” while leaving out the fact that the perpetrators of said attacks were BLACK.

Anyways. Here’s a second case of an Asian person being attacked by a Black person, with xenophobia, racism, and white supremacy being cited as the cause.

This screenshot was grabbed from an archive. (Link)

Here’s an article on the incident: “Filipino American Man Recounts Brutal Attack With Box Cutter on N.Y.C. Subway: ‘Nobody Helped'”

When reading this article, I was taken aback by the fact that they actually showed a picture of the alleged perpetrator. And explicitly mentioned that he was black.

The NYPD is still looking for the alleged suspect in the case. In a statement to PEOPLE, the NYPD says, “The individual is described as a male, black, 20-30 years old with black hair (afro); he was last seen wearing a black North Face jacket, red hoodie, blue jeans, red bandana, light color sneakers, and a brown Luis Vuitton face mask.”

Of course, like the poor, rowdy teenager in San Francisco who was just trying to make ends meet for his family by vandalizing vehicles in the street, there must be some socio-economic factors or systemic oppression that caused this soulful, swag-filled, and misguided young black man to make such a terrible mistake. This clearly means we should unite around fighting the root cause of these attacks; white nationalism and white supremacy.

A third recent case of violence against an Asian with black perpetrators that hardly made the rounds, considering it’s nature.

An article by Fox6Now reads with the following headline: “Teens face homicide charges in rape, murder of Ee Lee”.

Ahh, classic TEENS. Those rowdy “teens”, always up to their usual adolescent shenanigans such as gang-raping random women in the streets. Headlines like this instill in my head the images of crazy, classic Americana teenagers akin to those in movies like The Sandlot. You can just picture those rowdy, freckled boys laughing in youthful delight while gang-raping women in the streets. (note that they do happen to have one colorful and melanin-enriched companion, so who knows, after all)

The article reads as follows:

Two Milwaukee teenagers face homicide charges in the September 2020 rape and murder of Ee Lee, brutally beaten and left for dead in Washington Park.

Kamare Lewis, 17, and Kevin Spencer, 15 each face one count of first-degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime and one count of first-degree sexual assault (great bodily harm), as party to a crime.

Lee was found Sept. 16, 2020 in Washington Park by “bystanders,” still breathing but unconscious, severely beaten and left for dead. She was undressed below the waist, indicating sexual assault. She suffered severe contusions to the face/head. A hospital examination confirmed the sex assault.

She died Sept. 19 due to blunt force trauma to her head.

Surprisingly, despite having no outright mention of the perpetrators’ race, the article did opt to show a picture of at least one of these “teens”.

Images like this are so devastating to me. Just like with the last two stories, it’s heartbreaking that socio-economic factors force teens as young as 15 and 17 into gang-raping and murdering random women just to make ends meet.

Just like the businesses that were burned down last summer by the 93% peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, the collateral of this woman being raped and murdered should clearly be considered a worthy sacrifice to the cause of Black liberation. After all, Asians are often no longer being considered people of color; this means they’re basically just as privileged as white people. And we all know that last summer, activists reasoned with distraught business owners and other “wronged” individuals by explaining that the losses they took from these riots are NOTHING in comparison to the immense suffering endured by African-Americans every single day in this country. A few deaths/rapes/whatever caused by those protests were acceptable collateral; the same should be said for this woman. Asians must move on and work to fight the REAL issue: white supremacy and white nationalism!

In conclusion.

The recent hot topic of violence against Asians tends to result in the discovery that the perpetrators aren’t usually racist white Trump supporters being riled up by his rhetoric about Covid-19. But of course, that won’t stop the System from finding a way to make White people the target of all this.


I’ll be reading this article and posting the recording at the top of this page. I have an extremely short attention span myself, and often wish there was a listen-able version of articles to help me focus. Since I run the Hedgewik comic strip (and by extension website) to be the exact comic strip I would want to read, and the website to function in a way that would satisfy me as an end user, I’m happy to add that.

I apologize for anyone taken aback by the nature of this comic (in good faith. If you’re someone who unironically adheres to the satire I wrote into this article about sympathizing and excuse-making for violent, unhinged, criminal Negroes, go *%$# yourself and stay mad.)







LMAOOO whispering so your parents can’t hear. And the fact that you wrote an entire article claiming white supremacy isn’t a problem while quite blatantly being the physical manifestation of the zoomer white supremacist pipeline. God this is rich

I used to be antiracist. People like you who can look at the injustice in this article and laugh at white suffering – people like you are why I turned. Now I point to people like you and I convince others to join me. It’s easy. God, there’s so many of us now haha.

Dude do u have a discord


I used to have it linked here but I removed it. I should put it back.

I deliberately visit Hedgewik and Stonetoss only once a month because I want to LOL over multiple topics/panels, not just one or two: I’ll defer a snack and wait a while for the 5- or 6-course meal.

Reading over the past 4 weeks here, I’m seeing in the comments bullsh*t like “Stonetoss is better…”; “Why dat textwall Hedge?” etc.

First off Stonetoss and Hedgewik are different, maybe something like the way “The Simpsons” and “South Park” were different back when people knew what they were 20 years ago. “Different”, with different styles and different takes even on the very same issues of the day.

And one thing you can’t deny: Hedgewik is angry about all the bullsh*t we all know is going on, and he doesn’t pretend to be above it all with detached irony, and he wants us to be angry too. Because above-it-all detached irony is not going to help any white man when they come to hunt you down. If you’re lucky you’ve got 20 years. My guess is they plan to wrap the hunting expedition up within 10 years: YOU’RE DEAD, GAME OVER.

I share Hedgewik’s only semi-detached anger and I appreciate him edifying and focusing it.

Honestly when the whites are gone the Asians are next. The Asians ain’t aligning with the blacks and mexicans because of the crimes and the MSM is trying hard to change that. Just blame everything on whitey. Sadly a lot of Asians actually still read newspapers (they like to read.)


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That was a most enlightening article and entertaining comic, Hedgewik.
I’ve never had an issue with reading; I usually can not stand “news” videos as I like to go at my own pace, but your narration was splendid. It’s not just enjoyable to hear the man behind the ideas, but to also hear the news from a less biased source. Plus, it frees me to do other things while listening as well.
I hope you do more readings of your articles in the future.

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