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2 things:

1) Whiteness IS a cultural construct meant to grant a sort of equality to Caucasians of many places that sometimes wouldn’t be considered “White enough” or “too catholic” or some other racist bullshit

2) Even when white people have done good things, they’ve done so with a system that is built to stratify people into upper class and underclass socially, while actively benefiting of that system. You’re basically saying that whatever oppression inflicted onto immigrants, black people, LGTBQIA+, among others is OK because we got good things out of it. But exploitation is the way these systems are set to work, the intended purpose was to create good thing while the other suffered. That’s why people are pissed at white people, because whether or not they recognize it the benefit from this system that is set up to benefit them to the cost of someone else.

What are you doing man? Do you really think arguing in these comment sections has a point? You’re not changing any minds, just reading opposing views to trigger yourself then act woke in a place where nobody cares. Maybe try going to a Klan meeting and setting one up on a date with a black girl instead lol

You know where they say “it was accepted at the time” or “for its time”, I’m trying to nip those arguments in the bud. Hedge will likely never amount to much, he’s a racist ass hat who isn’t even the best, most popular, most skilled or prolific in his own niche. But just in case, yea I oppose him. Because what he says is wrong. Because this kind of rethoric harms people. Because you don’t know I won’t change any minds.

1) That means nothing, retard
2) So has every other race of people throughout history, most far worse than whites, but only white people are lamented for it
3) You will never be a woman

Hi Hedge, or someone using his handle, whatever, your take is shit an either case.

1) Ew, slur. But that aside, oh it totally does, the european powers weaponized tribalism and othering to justify the oppression of people they wanted to either use as slave labor, or steal their land and resources, in tandem they create an idea of Caucasian superiority. Or is it the term ‘cultural construct’ that always makes you chuds squeal? Because its like this, white power is a celebration of you deciding that you’re the best, and not only that, instead of lamenting or even honoring those who you oppressed in order to get them you laugh about their suffering. Disgraceful in victory.

2) yeah, true on the “Vertical power structures aren’t unique to Europe and the Americas” good job on basic historical pattern recognition. But that’s not pertinent to the current discussion, so drop those goalposts. White people are lamented because hey guess what, the US is the current imperial power in the focus of the oppressed in the US and countries directly affected by it. And guess who built that empire with themselves on top explicitly? white rich folks. And there’s still legacy of that oppression, sure things have gotten better, but the fact black people keep getting killed on the streets and it takes fucking whole civil movements to try to coax and badger institutions into doing something meaningful about it.

3) Oh look, you’re accusing anybody you disagree with of being trans because you don’t like trans people and you LOVE being transphobic at them. Or maybe you just can’t imagine in you redpill saturated brain that someone like you, a cis man, who likes women and some men, could posibly genuinely disagree with you.

What a fucking Nazi. Oh sorry, Neo-Nazi. Oh sorry Fascist. Oh sorry, Bigot. I mean I can go on but you snowflakes hate being called names, wouldn’t want to get you offended. Ok, ok, one more, Bootlicker. I like that one it gives a nice mental image of your favorite hobby.

>you snowflakes hate being called names, wouldn’t want to get you offended.

Lmao says the guy who replied with mucho texto after being called a tranny

you want less text, fine, ew slur.

ew faggot, let’s tango again

ew slur, lets keep the conga going.

Eww, faggot.

get bent homophobe

You are this mad.

“durhurr, he knows how to write so he must be mad”

Writing many words doesn’t imply knowing how to write well.

True but it would be something if that wasn’t their only complain, but unless it is Sujad who for all his jewbating tries to engage in some discussion its always a “Mucho Texto” or “lol tldr, you’re black trans gay jewish autistic or a pedophile” or whichever scapegoat Alex Jones, Q, Hannity or Tucker Carlson say it is this week, and that’s it. They never engage with the message, or act as if getting offended enough to respond invalidates the response.

This faggot thinks his truly low-IQ arguments matter.
The only people who hate being called Nazi or Fascist are other sheep like yourself, only on the right instead of left. I love it when people call me a fascist. Because I am.

You wanna talk about European powers enslaving people?
What about the Jews who sailed to west Africa and traded cigarettes to the African slave owners there in order to bring the slaves back tot he states and sell them at Jewish ran auctions? Oh wait, unless you’re dumb enough to think Jews are “white”. Weather or not anyone thinks whites are superior, the fact of the matter is that European countries were advancing and prospering for hundreds of years while places like South America and Africa are civilizations still stuck in the past.

You’re also extremely correct about black being killed in the streets… by other blacks. At an average yearly kill rate of 962, the number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2020, by race: White: 1596, Black: 859, Hispanic: 613, Other: 140, Unknown: 643. Despite committing over 50% of violent crime, black still get shot by police almost half as much as whites.

Do everyone a favor, drink bleach.

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