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Aside from being awfully gosh darn racist, doesn’t this just prove that Yang’s idea was sound anyway?

pretty sure its a joke you fucking dunce

but as more of his comics have this idea, it becomes less of a joke and more of a serious thought put into cartoon form

Are you retarded? what the actual fuck are you talking about

Ah yes, the perfectly sound “Covid-19 was a bioweapon” theory that has about as much ground to stand on as an astronaut on a spacewalk.

god it’s so horribly unfounded, almost like it’s not serious or something

>virus obviously made in a lab from bits of HIV, MERS, and SARS neatly spliced together using CRISPR
>novel virus never before seen on Earth appears in the city where China’s illegal biological warfare lab is located
>almost as if the gooks had had a little “oopsie” with stolen Western technology they don’t understand
>”but it’s totally not a bioweapon, guise!”

OK Boomer.

dumbass racist comic by a dumbass racist

congrats you stupid fuck

People like you make me proud to be Chinese, enjoy my people’s virus xd

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