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Selective Enterprise

Selective Enterprise published on 39 Comments on Selective Enterprise

This is a re-imagining of one of my earliest comics, from May 2019, with a far spicier spin.

When revisiting this idea, I opted to include the more controversial idea of businesses choosing which races to serve because I believe it would illustrate the point a lot better. The cake thing is overdone to death, so people who support the System cracking down on the Christian bakery and forcing them to make a custom cake for sodomites will just smugly brush it off with any of the numerous quips they’ve created to cope with ideological holes.

An issue conservatives will run into when arguing with leftists/libtards over the rights of businesses to refuse service, but promoting the desire for free speech on multi-national corporate entities worth hundreds of billions of dollars, is that they already cede ground to leftists/libtards at every turn. For example, no modern conservative would even think to argue in favor of small businesses/franchises being allowed to refuse service due to a prospective customer’s race.

Fortunately for me, I’m not a “conservative”. So I can actually attack positions held by my opponents, since my ideology is not a part of the finkel-think kosher sandwich that requires you to have already conceded to every extreme measure the System enforces with the help of “left-wing” useful idiots. Rather than defend small business rights, or the rights of people to serve members of their own race with priority (regardless of them being white, black, etc.), a conservative will opt to call leftists “the REAL racists/fascists!!” or other such useless rhetoric. What this does is concede the point that “racism” is an issue and a threat, and only serves to enable your entrapment in the finkel-think dichotomy. Instead, you should accept being a racist. After all, if you don’t literally get on your knees and call yourself a White Traitor or White Abolitionist who wants to completely destroy the existence of White people, you’re a racist. Just own it. By continuing to assure the System and opposition who want you and your family dead that you AREN’T a racist, you are allowing yourself to be a spineless, shivering coward; a textbook example of a conservative, sitting idly by with only the meekest complaints as the System and its useful idiots tear apart everything you and others held dear.

With that being said, a counter-argument that can be brought about by leftists is something like this: “Social media companies banning a user is within their rights to refuse service to people they desire to, while a business discriminating against someone on racial grounds is a violation of civil rights and dignity.” That’s a cope and also meaningless. Fat-Gay-R*tard said something like this in one of his debates I listened to, and the guy he was arguing with just kept ceding ground. When you do that, it’s totally useless to even be arguing in the first place. My response to that argument is this: “If you say that a business denying service can be accepted as a violation of civil rights, then how come that logic can’t be applied to the basic right of freedom of speech we’re supposedly guranteed by the First Amendment? And doesn’t that mean that you don’t actually care about it being a private business, you just want them to be suppressing speech you dislike at the ADL and SPLC’s command?”

The “private business” anti-free speech argument is, like many others promoted by bad-faith actors, a simple cope to cover for their obvious true intentions.


What if as a compromise we abolished private companies?

What if as a compromise we abolished niggers and fags?

cope harder /pol/tard

you dont have to go on 4chan to hate nonwhites and degens

So would you rather us just call you fascists?

That didn’t come out right, what I meant to say was:
“So what would you rather us call you, fascists?”

I think the comma between the word “you” and “fascist”, makes my statement sound more like a genuine question, witch was my original intention.

Bigots like you are the reason why I’ve become sympathetic to fascists in the first place. So by all means continue with your arrogant and snide remarks, faggot.

“After all, (liberals think) if you don’t literally get on your knees and call yourself a White Traitor or White Abolitionist who wants to completely destroy the existence of White people, you’re a racist.”

Cite your sources when you talk about what the “average” liberal believes. Why does a statement like this that barely holds any ground get nods of approval, but stating that Hedgewik, Stonetoss, and most other woke cartoonists are racist/sexist gets met with disgust and deflection?

He gave a link to prove his point, but you’ll just pivot to more and more ridiculous cries of evidence until you get a gotcha.

As for your second part of the post, you have no understanding of the conservative position and deem it a moral heresy born out of that misunderstanding so trying to explain to you why those retarded claims are met with “disgust and deflection” is pointless.

So I’ll just call you a faggot and self-hating instead it makes it much easier for both parties.

You know the “whites only” signs are hate crimes right, and to say they are the same thing is reaching it a bit.

Anyways nobody cares about your nazi dogwhistle get the fuck off twitter before you inevitably get banned anyways

>“whites only” signs are hate crimes
Thank you for proving the exact point of my comic you mouth breathing moronic cretin

>nobody cares about your nazi dogwhistle
Evidently you care enough to comment

>get the fuck off twitter before you inevitably get banned anyways
oh lol if only you knew

This thing of freedom of association really puts conservatives uncomfortable when it comes to race lol
To be honest, I’m white, but freedom of association would be good for blacks too, it would be good for black people knowing who doesn’t want to interact with them, if a guy hates blacks people he won’t stop hating them just because law says he can’t discriminate against them. What a guy could do, for example, if he was a restaurant owner was to spit in the food of his black customers or put his dick on it before it’s served, the same thing about blacks who hate whites too, and probably blacks despite the fact they’re 13% of the population would be more than 50% of those who spit or put their dicks on the food before it’s served.

I am the same guy who made this comment, I just want to add, my argument in favor of freedom of association and at the same time against big tech censorship is that, if a bakery or a local shop refuses to serve someone because the owner doesn’t like black people or homosexuals, there are plenty of bakeries and local shops, but companies such as Facebook, Google and whatever, they are monopolies, millions or even billions of people use them, while bakeries only serve probably a few thousand people, being blocked or banned from a tech giant means that you lose greatly your power to speak. There are other implications like, if the electricity company is private, for example, and you say something that they don’t like, would it be right if they decide to leave you without electricity?
There’s the publisher or platform issue too, platforms are not held responsible for what is posted on them, because they don’t use editorial control, but ain’t a platform that uses editorial control pretty much like a publisher, and ain’t the social media censorship a form of editorial control? In this case, if platforms use editorial control they should lose their protected status as a platform and be treated like publishers.

If whites do not rise up at some point soon, we doom our children to be hunted in the streets. Racism is Code Word for White Genocide.

Who is trying to commit genocide against white people? The victim complex from the right, is legitimately unbelievable

just an fyi I am 100% familiar, as to the ‘who’ is committing white genocide, because just like everything else in your world view, it’s (((the jews))) fault isn’t it, (((the jewish cabal))) is using Hollywood to push interracial relationships to breed out the white people aren’t they???

If you are familiar than why did you ask, faggot?

Even though I knew your answer, your answer is so obviously full of bullshit, that it was worth asking the question just to highlight how ridiculous of a statement, the idea that ‘white genocide’ is happening right now is.

remove the words ‘The’ and ‘idea’ from the second last line

Actually just remove the words ‘of a statement’, I am very poor at articulating myself in general, witch you are probably going to use as a gotcha.
But I want to point out, that taking the easy gotcha, doesn’t interact with the fundamental argument that your reasoning behind ‘white genocide’ being a thing, is obviously bullshit.

Idk if you’re high or just retarded, but there’s a difference between getting your account banned from a social media website, with rules to follow & then getting punished for not following rules you willingly agreed to. & then just straight-up getting denied service due to your skin color.

I’m perusing your site while you’re suspended from Twitter and I wanted to congratulate you for causing so much butthurt among leftists. It’s astonishing how childish they are about their own beliefs.

lol its enjoyable. i love my fans but nothing keeps me going like seeing the most evil people in this world and their running dogs twist and contort themselves with unhinged wrath at the sight of a cartoon I happened to draw. And about the twitter thing, it may be a while before I’m back. Twitter hasn’t responded to my appeal for 5 DAYS now; if they decide to reject the appeal, I may have to wait YET ANOTHER WEEK to get back on. It’s not a bad thing though, it’s freaking amazing for my productivity without my habititual checking of that trash website.

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