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Thoughts on White Boy Summer by Chet Hanx?
Is it a psyop, subversion, or neither?

that guy is just some dumb wigger slapping the asses of a bunch of twerking sheboons for a music video, the meme is funny but the dude is a faggot

“. . . guy is just some dumb wigger . . .”

– – –

Waaaaaaaay true.

Only middle-class suburban whites, and wealthy whites (e.g., son of actor Tom Hanks who, strangely enough, is a fag just like his son), love wiggerdom and salivate to become black(-ish).

They do so because they’re insulated from feral blacks and mix only with award-winning pet blacks who want to ingratiate themselves to get whitey’s money.

For wiggers, it’s eternally 1979 and Earth! Wind! and Fire! are the koolest kats around: greasy shiny faces and lotsa dat Phunk-a-delic, ooooooh so cool:

My inanimate shit has a higher IQ than everyone who enjoys these comics combined.

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