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Are you in the closet, hedge?

Yes, I have been a closeted SuperStraight for a very long time now. I had no idea how to identify my feelings until brave social justice pioneers recently manifested the idea of “super straightness”; i had always just considered myself straight and repulsed by transexuals. It’s very liberating to have a sexuality that properly describes my orientation 🥰

I don’t know man, most people are repulsed by trannies and faggots just as it is. It just sounds a bit forced. I think this meme has gone too far, people are talking it serious and come off as closeted fags that are coping too hard.

It’s just a meme lol. I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

I don’t believe that memes is the appropriate response to a literal mental illness pandemic that causes teenagers and young adults to become depressed and confused, mutilating their genitalia and committing suicide, tbh. Memes are for keyboard warriors that have resigned imo.

I think that’s a bit of a retarded way to look at it. A meme is simply a way for communicating a message in some form, this “super straight” thing does that for us.

The proper and due response to all of this sickness are giant red flags with funny suns and windmills. in the meantime, let’s make do with what we have

Is it all just “ironic memes” then? Even the windmills of peace and love? Is this your way of saying that your contribution ends with salty cartoons and trolling on Twitter?

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