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Lmao nazi boy cant stop fantasizing about watching white women get fucked by brown people

I had a black friend once, gave that guy free rides home, would buy him food and always took good care of him and included him in the pack but he always was on some evil shit and had no values no morals zero respect “acts” friendly but deeply inside is on some evil plotting shit, I even once bought him some 200 plus expensive ass shoes just so he can feel blessed and super ungrateful but like a true demon when this whole bs blm started he messages me we can’t be friends because I uploaded to my Snapchat showing the loots and people with BLM signs in hand stealing and robbing LA stores like Patagonia and others I made zero comments in the video and had no input I just recorded what was shown And he quickly started saying fuck you blah blah blah this and total disregard for everything I ever did to help him out and be a good friend was thrown out the window in a heartbeat tbh in conclusion FUCK BLACK PEOPLE I’ve put so many black people on platforms to grow and scale a fan base and never not once did I receive credit or any kind of thank you bunch of imbeciles good for nothing pieces of shit ironically they the same color as shit which makes sense it’s toxic waste smh! But I did date some black girls too and they were amazing very loyal and loving but they had multiple guys they were talking to as time progresses things revealed themselves idk my experience I don’t like Asians they drag there feet and always be driving all stupid but black people majority is mob mentality they don’t give no fucks and will act victim when they are the problem to most situations

>I had a black friend but then I offended him so he politely unfriended me and now I hate all black people as revenge

You literally can’t make this shit up, holy shit.

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