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The Original Antifa

The Original Antifa published on 16 Comments on The Original Antifa

An interesting idea I’ve locked my sights on today is the idolization of the Greatest/G.I. Generation and their participation in the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War 2, by the so-called “antifa”/”anti-fascists” of today.

This meme in particular, and many others existing of a similar nature, spurred me into making this comic and article.

The point of the above meme is to draw parallels between the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, with the self-described “Antifa” running around in the streets as counter-protestors and agitators at right-wing gatherings.

It’s interesting for many reasons. On a surface level, one could say, “It’s dishonorable to compare the men who risked and often sacrificed their lives charging into open gunfire to defeat Nazi Germany with a bunch of 20-something hippies riling up street brawls”. But that isn’t all that compelling (at least, in my opinion). The retort to that could simply be that “Well, we’re just carrying on their legacy and working to make sure the kind of people they defeated never get into power again.”

What I find more interesting is taking an actual analysis of who the men were that stormed those beaches. This little cartoon by Seamus Coughlin (the creator of FreedomToons) goes into that a bit. Feel free to watch it; I’ll be giving my own analysis below.

On the note of that cartoon; one issue with it is that the likelihood of a black soldier standing side by side with two white men was pretty low, considering the US Army was racially segregated at the time.

Seamus’s portrayal of the soldiers having a visceral reaction to hearing about homosexuality and transgenderism being developed and normalized is extremely accurate, although he may have underestimated how taken aback they really would have been.

And the soldier calling liberal social ideas the product of “pinko commies” is also an accurate reflection of reality. Well… I mean, they took the idea of what was “pinko commie degeneracy” QUITE A BIT FARTHER than just homosexuality and transgenderism:


Preceding the 1960’s Civil Rights movement, and only waning off in the time following it, this sentiment of being against racial mixing was EXTREMELY popular throughout the entirety of America: not even just the Southern states. Usually, leftists and liberals will be quick to do their logical backflips from railing on about how everything in America was systemically racist and white supremacist before the Civil Rights Era (and still is to this day), to then saying that: “Noooo those ideas WEREN’T that popular! People in the 1950s and 1960s were totally okay with racial mixing! That was just a vocal minority..” and other rubbish to that effect.

How many people even know that racially mixed marriages were OUTLAWED in the majority of states (not just the South) until the post-World War 2 era? 

Credit: Wikipedia, “Anti-miscegenation laws in the United States”


It wasn’t until 1967, three whole years after the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, that anti-miscegenation laws were made illegal country-wide by the Supreme Court in the landmark case Loving v. Virginia. The case involved Richard and Mildred Loving, a racially mixed couple who in 1958 were sentenced to a year in prison in Virginia for marrying each other. Lawyers were assigned to the Lovings by the ACLU; these lawyers were Bernard S. Cohen and Philip Hirschkop. They were both Jews (Ctrl-F / Find-On-Page the word “jew” on those linked Wikipedia pages).

Huh. Maybe this guy wasn’t lying:

Ex-Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, who fought for America in World War II and the Korean War.

I display this information to help show the reality of how people in this era actually thought, contrary to the beliefs of those hypnotized by the mass medias. If you, today, express that you believe there are even significant differences between the races, you are labeled a Nazi by liberals and leftists (and even most “conservatives”) without even a second thought.

Now, try to imagine expressing the social beliefs held by the average white American in the 1940s and 1950s, and NOT getting labeled a Nazi.

In fact, these days you might even get labeled a “crypto-fascist” for being a transgender Breadtuber who builds their entire brand of attempting to “deradicalize” right-wingers:

Anyways, to wrap up this article I’ll present one last little thing I found.

This is an excerpt from a book written by a Jewish college professor at Trinity College named Cheryl Lynn Greenberg. The book is titled, “Troubling the Waters: Black-Jewish Relations in the American Century”, and it was written in 2006. Here is a link to its page on Amazon.

According to the book:

“..a 1943 poll revealed that ’90 percent of the American people stated that they would rather loose [sic] the war than give full equality to American Negroes.'”

It has a footnote cited, but I can’t find the citation without paying for the book. I searched far and wide for a source on it and came back empty-handed. I don’t publish misinformation in my articles; so I’ll just say here, we COULD take this with a grain of salt. But, it WAS published by a Jewish college professor who doesn’t seem to have any reason to risk their credentials to lie about something like this.

It’s on page 81. If someone is able to find the source/citation, please let me know and I will update this article.

In conclusion; the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy had social views that would make the most extreme alt-right personalities of today turn white in the face so fast they wouldn’t be able to stammer out, “b-b-bad optics, grandpa!!” The Greatest Generation saw what they were doing as fighting for their nation; had they of been able to realize what their fighting ultimately resulted in, it’s plausible they would have laid down their weapons and joined the ranks of the Germans. To claim them as comparable to modern “Antifa” street rioters is not even “insane”; it’s a feat of such ridiculous proportions there is hardly a word to describe it.


Sorry, but this is literally leftymeme tier.

Yeah but it’s a bit hard to avoid since I made it as a rebuttal to a common libtard meme.

The original Antifa were German, they were the same shitheads they are now – young, stupid, and communist. They rioted in the streets of 1930’s Germany and beat up people the same way they do now. Had the same flag they use now too. The only thing that’s changed is they were funded by the USSR back then, while now they are mostly useful idiots.

I’ve heard other left-wing rebuttals along the lines of saying that they were still striving to protect democracy and other things while still holding these WN views.

What are your thoughts on this, Hedgewik?

I mean sure, they had this idea of democracy they thought they were protecting, that was kind of my point. Their idea of democracy was “white supremacy” in the most literal sense of the word, not mish-mash 56% mutt diversity face brown sludge BrazilMerican “Our Democracy” shit. The KLAN’s rallying call was literally “protecting our democracy”; by this, they meant the ability for anglo-saxons to segregate themselves and assert supremacy (which was what the majority of them wanted).

Of course, unbeknownst to them, they weren’t ACTUALLY protecting this form of democracy at all, they were fighting to preserve international jewry and make sure Germany couldn’t get away with stiffing Jews out of billions of dollars and assert itself as a leading global superpower against both the soviet union and capitalist west/america. since both those governments were filled to the brim with heebs, they were happy to put their differences aside to stop a contender for power, and then resume their phony rivalry in the ensuing “cold war”. The cold war, which by the way, ended in the Soviet Union cucking out with nothing more than a whimper as the berlin wall fell without a shot fired, and then collapsed without any real bloodshed. All according to plan, of course, since the Soviet Union had more or less been depleted of how useful it was to jews by the late 20th century. Had the soviet union actually been opposed to american hegemony it would have fought it in hot war, but it ultimately wasnt, and they didnt face off save for a few proxy wars like Vietnam and Korea.

TLDR; Yeah, they thought they were protecting WHITE SUPREMACIST DEMOCRACY, not Gay Globohomo Brown Sludge Jewish Democracy. Were they to have been given an understanding of how their actions ended up playing up, the supermajority of them would have absolutely been prone to swear allegiance to Germany without second thought.

Interesting analysis, but your terminology is incorrect.

Neither the Germans nor the Americans of the time wanted white people to rule over masses of non-whites in a colonial fashion; therefore neither of them were “white supremacists”. It’s not “supremacy” to simply want to be left in peace in your homeland.
If you really want to find white supremacy at the time, you should look at the British Empire that had subjugated a quarter of the world.

Second, it really irks me when someone uses the term “Nazi”. It’s not what they were called, it’s not what they called themselves. Its name is National-Socialism. Abbreviated as NSDAP. Someone using the term “Nazi” is either ignorant or he’s purposefully trying to use a slur. Even if you want to criticize the National-Socialists, calling them with a slur sounds childish and deprives what you say from any historical integrity.

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