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Oh look an anti fascist message repurposed for like pure Islamophobia.
Thought you’d do something like this:
But instead you did an even shittier version of this:

I’ll make it short and sweet to avoid “leftymemes” Mr. “Comedian and Cartoonist”; Those who are intolerant do not get to set the terms for tolerance.

Oh look you took an antifascist message and made it Islamophobic.

Mr. “Satirical Comedian”, the intolerant do not get to set the terms to tolerance.

More tolerant than you faggot

congratulations, you have won the “First Slur” badge, please pass by the lobby to collect it.

“Congratulations, you have won the “Faggot” badge, please pass by your collection of child porn to get it.”

Yeah I do. Retard. I fucked your mom also

I mean most wouldn’t admit to necrophilia but rip them. also slur. do you not know how to communicate without hurting people?

It’s easy to communicate without hurting people. You’re just someone whose feelings I want to hurt, faggot.

why though, what does that accomplish?

It’s funny, retard.

explain the joke.

Your expense.

so there’s literally nothing funny about is aside from inflicting misery to your fellow man for no reason, that’s fucked up man.

OMG Hedgewik is a triggered Facist lmao

lol the tables have turned and the right became snowflakes

Anyone who is quick to judge rationality and common sense as Islamophobia is the real bigot.

Say I have Islamic friends who are disgusted by the actions of third world Muslims doing barbaric things. Does that make my Islamic friends Islamophobic?

No, it doesn’t but the thing is when the only depiction you give of a thing is the absolute worse one? that’s where the bigotry starts. Hell even if there is, and there is an air of “One of the good ones” still bigotry, because its assuming that they’re an exception.

to put it another way: Muslims having common sense and fighting about the hurtful parts of their own creed is not Islamophobic. Someone thinking that islam will inherently bring those things as an excuse to hate muslims, that’s Islamophobia.

Thing above isn’t the absolute worst thing. Almost everything about Muslim culture is incompatible with Western culture. Many things they do are disgusting to us. Prime example: Men routinely screw little boys. As in age 3 or 4. ROUTINELY. And nobody thinks anything of it. It’s normal there.

Then how come India, South Africa, Russia, the UK, the US, and Australia are all in the top 10 for child sexual abuse, with only 3 majority Muslim countries making this list? The US is #2. Aus is #1. UK is #4. You’re pulling shit out of your ass dude. Live in the real world.

You guys will deadass pull the pedo card on anybody you don’t like. What was that about complaining you don’t like to be called nazi?

The original is funny. “We know it’s a paradox and retarded, but believe it anyway and still call yourself tolerant!”

ew slur

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ew slur

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EW slur, cmon lets continue this conga.

Ew, a faggot.

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That Popper comic is ironic, because it describes exactly what Hitler did.
Germany was about to fall in the hands of the Bolsheviks, and the whole of Europe would have suffered the massacres and atrocities that the Russian people suffered. National-Socialism’s main goal and the reason it was created in the first place was in fact to save Germany (and ultimately, mankind) from the intolerance and violence of the Bolsheviks.

Hitler simply followed Popper’s comic and put all the communists in labor camps to prevent them from destroying Germany.

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