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The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method published on 16 Comments on The Scientific Method

Here are some real life instances of this happening.


Dr. Zucker was fired and his clinic ended up being shut down because he “did not immediately push for transition for a child expressing gender dysphoria”:

Another one –


A somewhat different situation, with academics being intimidated from speaking because their opinions did not align with those held by transgender rights activists:




Clever mixing and matching of the ideas in the three articles, I mean just on the third one there is a more direct mention of your topic, which is about a few women who are gender-critical feminists, that tend to be terfs, feeling unsafe to speak out about their theories, those are more along the lines of: “This research says trans people are a thing – I object, this research says they may not be a thing – oh its a problem if you speak, maybe I should fire you.”(Which by the way, pretty sly on calling it a mainstream social trend, as if it were a flavor of the month fad or the current meme)

The first two are less about whether or not trans people are a thing and more about the conflicts and nuances between institutions, researchers, and activists, as to how it’s the better way to help them transition. It also is about the ongoing dialogue whether or not transitioning is more of an issue of dysphoria or just not being comfortable with how their gender is expressed because the latter has been used to erase the former in certain situations, with two doctors getting caught in the crossfire of political pressures, who are both researchers in the field, and both advocate for safe procedures for trans people to transition.

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Gender dysphoria is a real thing. It is a form of insanity. If someone thinks they are a chicken, do we graft feathers into their skin? No, because that would be insane.

Men who think they are women are insane. People who say that these men are not insane, but actually become women by merely expressing their desire to do so, are themselves either insane or evil. Either way, they do more harm than the trannies, and should be removed from society.

@McChuck. I see what you did there, the old slippery slope, man comparing a different gender to a diferent species? that’s some Ol’ School transphobia! Haven’t seen it in a while, takes me back to the whole “Gay Marriage will lead to Child Marriage, Object Marriage and Anima,l Marriage”.

Listen buddy, I know trans people are weird and scary to you because you probably still think the earth is the center of the universe, but they’re not evil, they just exist. I bet you object to other alterations to the human body that give people a better life, like surgery, phamacy and other devils of the modern science. Oh, what’s that, I’m being hyperbolic? I’m going way over board? well you don’t seem to object to the tactic, so if you call me out for it you’re a hypocrite.

See people like you are, well I wouldn’t go as far as to say “evil and insane” but certainly you’re either malicious, ignorant or both. You should look into helping yourself about that.

Child marriage is coming.

“Gay Marriage will lead to Child Marriage, Object Marriage and Anima,l Marriage”

Google the following 3 things: “pedophiles are not the real monsters”
“woman marries Eiffel Tower”
“woman marries pet”

It’s not a slippery slope fallacy when you’ve not only slipped down it, but you’ve gone fully tumbling down it and hit your head. And it sounds to me like you certainly have hit your head somewhere along the way.

Hey Reeeeeeeee, glad you took my bait, how’s it feel being like a fish? I need to ask for my research. I did not ignore those cases but here’s the thing, in the case of Erika Eiffel, her marriage is not legally binding, it is, by all means, symbolic, and quite frankly hurting nobody, so even if the government of France did allow a woman to marry the tower, well it would be weird but not bad. The same would be if I desired to marry my house or a spoon. My very cute and sexy spoon. Or the slippery slope you mentioned, all curvy and wet and thrilling. It would only become a problem if my love for that object began harming others or myself.

Now, the others, the problem with animals and children being married to people is that legally they cannot give consent, even the most mature child is not equal to an adult in this regard, leading to animal abuse and child abuse respectively, which, spoilers, can traumatize and harm both of them. Gay Marriage though? that’s two adults consenting and committing to be in a relationship in front of whichever institution is necessary to validate it. The problem is people seeing it, among other things, as “Sinful”, or as “Anti-family” or as a progression of objects that can be married to if the parameters are widened in a frankly chauvinistic view of the married partners as objects for the man’s use, ie “Well if a man can marry another man, so he can control him and fuck him, what’s stopping him from doing that with an animal or a child, that is evil we must stop this first step.”

Oh and as an addendum, the slope goes “If this happens then this will happen, because the previous thing happened” but there’s little cause and effect between pedophile movements, zoophile movements, object sexualization and people for equal marriage rights. Its not like because gay marriage was legalized there is a renewed popular push for pedophiles to be able to marry and fuck kids or for zoophiles to be able to marry and fuck their cats.

Pedophiles try to coopt lgbt causes but its less of equal movements being joined together and more as a blatantly criminal movement trying to masquerade as valid. Like if drunk drivers tried to attach themselves to smokers and said “hey, they are consuming narcotics/drugs while driving, so are we, we’re exactly the same, as such driving and drinking should be legal”

Someone was trying to argue with me saying that transwomen don’t have an advantage in women’s sports and posted an NIH article to back it up. I replied with four NIH articles that disputed that claim very clearly and my notifications IMMEDIATELY blew the fuck up with butthurt people who tried to discredit the FOUR studies I shared while saying that their SINGULAR study was valid. Your shit isn’t backed by science if you don’t use all the science.

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