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“Friend and foe alike have tried to explain or to justify this hatred of the Jews by bringing all sorts of charges against them. They are said to have crucified Jesus, to have drunk the blood of Christians, to have poisoned wells, to have taken usury, to have exploited the peasant, and so on. These and a thousand and one other charges against an entire people have been proved groundless. They showed their own weakness in that they had to be trumped up wholesale in order to quiet the evil conscience of the Jew-baiters, to justify the condemnation of an entire nation, to demonstrate the necessity of burning the Jew, or rather the Jewish ghost, at the stake. He who tries to prove too much proves nothing at all. Though the Jews may justly be charged with many shortcomings, those shortcomings are, at all events, not such great vices, not such capital crimes, as to justify the condemnation of the entire people.”

Leon Pinsker, 1882

Fucking christ, this website is some of the most mask-off horrible shit I’ve ever seen. At least Stonetoss knows how to be subtle.

I’ve literally seen videos where Jews say that if anyone criticizes them to bring up the Holocaust to silence their deposition. You know, it’s also hilarious that the concentration camps were all practically in Poland, in Russian controlled spots and were never examined. The Holocaust never happened but it clearly should have.

We get how it can be abused as a rhetorical tactic its the ultimate “something shitty happened to me today, please be nicer to me” But here’s the thing. It did happen. And most people questioning the Holocaust don’t do it out of any quest for historical rigor, or to challenge Jewish people rhetorically or anything of the sort. They explicitly do it so they can A) minimize Jewish suffering and B) minimize Jewish persecution. Its this fucked form of gas-lighting. That coupled with most of the conspiracy theories it has an overall message of “You were never oppressed, you were oppressing us” and “You never actually suffered, you made us suffer and pretended you didn’t” all to justify the hate. Its all a convenient story so you can say “well their people hasn’t suffered and they have made everything worse for everyone around them, maybe its ok to hate them”.

Fuck off and fuck you.

Do you understand the logistics of killing six million people in the span of not even five years? How much infrastructure for supplies, food, water etc that would be required to kill that many people? How ovens there would have had to be to get rid of that many corpses? How no one is allowed to investigate the mass graves (and that’s assuming there are mass graves to begin with), how there were hilariously ridiculous means of slaughtering Jews with electric floors, mobile incinerators or gas showers and all this other shit. How the doors to the gas chambers were made of *wood*, how there was no testing and confirmation of particulate matter of the gasses used left on the walls.

I’m not saying that they weren’t persecuted, they were stuffed into concentration camps and there are no doubt people who bought into the political correct propaganda that the nazis were pumping out but there was no Holocaust, at least from the Germans. The Soviets, sure, I could easily see that considering they purged record numbers of Jews throughout their history, from the Bolsheviks of Lenin to the even more vicious purges in Stalin’s regime.

“I’m not saying that they weren’t persecuted, they were stuffed into concentration camps and there are no doubt people who bought into the political correct propaganda that the nazis were pumping out but there was no Holocaust”

You’re basically saying that they were persecuted, unlawfully captured, and killed, and the Nazis covered it up… but you don’t want to call it Holocaust… Really? I will concede that some of the methods do seem far fetched, and that may be Anti-Nazi propaganda, but the mass graves have been documented like the ones at Belzek and Treblinka, and they can/have been investigated. Testimonies of the camps have been common knowledge for a while now, and so have been the methods of oppression in Nazi Gemany. In fact, you do know that the camps were established because the Nazis were seeing the psychological toll of making their soldier just shoot people to death, right?

Stop looking for excuses to hate Jews. Stop Hating Jews, they don’t run the world, they don’t deserve you or anybody’s hate. FUCK OFF, FUCK YOU.

That’s not a holocaust though. A holocaust would be the systemic destruction of a people like Holodomir. All we have that the nazi concentration camps was that they existed and all the statements we have from them are from people who would be happy to hang out the Germans and now the white race to dry.

Funny how all the concentration commandants were hanged and their testimonies from the Nuremberg trials are either missing or locked away and can’t be accessed. Only the Jew’s testimonies are recorded or freely available.

The concentration camps existed because Hitler saw the Jews and capitalism as a threat to Germany and wanted to make sure he didn’t have any potential saboteurs running around Germany.

You say Jews don’t run the world? How are then the Jews in control of all of the banks like Soros? Just about every media company in countries with a high Jewish population, Jews are the majority of owners, directors etc.

Again you say the Jews were specially targeted to be persecuted, captured oppressed an killed… but it doesn’t count because H word scary, and you want to dislike Jews.

Never mind that there are projects specifically made to digitize and conserve the records of the Nuremberg trials.

Jews and capitalism as a -threat-? You do realize that part of why the US delayed in entering the war was because Nazi Germany was anti communist and the US thought that if left alone they could maybe get rid of the USSR problem right? And that Jews were not evil money grubbing, baby eaters and women stealers, they were propped up as scapegoats for the problems of the nation.

I mean if there’s any denomination that runs the world it would be Christians, over 50% of the obscenely wealthy are some sort of christian, be it protestant, catholic, evangelic or what have you. You know how many Jews? around 2%. It you want to persecute some evil sting puller, look at Christians. or Just wealthy people in general maybe, because vertical hierarchic systems of any kind tend to create suffering for those below.


The nazis were anti-communist? What are you smoking?! Hitler was a socialist! Are you absolutely bonkers?! If you’ll read Hitler’s books he’d read Marx’s Communist Manifesto and his response was essentially “This is good but there’s a few things wrong, it’s not real communism.” A pretty standard commie war cry when you point out how every mass loss of human life stemmed from communism and socialism.

“But muh night of the knives,” I already hear you whining. What’s one of the defining traits of a successful communist revolution? The purge after. The useful idiots and the “other kinds” of communists that aren’t wanted so they get purged. I will grant you that Hitler’s revolution was unusual in that that he purged the other socialists before his revolution. Keep in mind that Hitler was quite proud that his revolution “didn’t break a single pane of glass.” Hell, more evidence for Hitler’s socialism is for most of the early part of the war, Hitler and Stalin were allies. It was Hitler realizing Germany’s economy was running out of money and forced him to expand ever eastward to sustain a vampire economy. Had that not been a factor, Hitler and Stalin would have remained allies until the end of WW2 and only when the other threats were no longer an issue, then both sides would have broken the treaty and gone for each other. Just like every other time two bunches of communists come together.

Further more, the US didn’t want to get involved in the war early because the US at the time was quite isolationist and didn’t see it as their problem. They got involved when Japan decided to bomb Pearl Harbor and forced the issue.

If we go back to Germany’s economy under the Nazis, everything was controlled by the Nazis in much the same way the CCP controls businesses in China. There was a Nazi in every board room. Prior worker unions were busted and replaced with Nazi unions instead. The same happened in Russia with soviets (work groups) as well by the way. Hitler tried to have a planned economy with reichkommissars like socialist and communist states, completely wrecking any argument that they were capitalists. Planned economies don’t work and are antithetical to how capitalism works. Early in the war, German citizens were well kept, fed etc through overly generous socialized welfare and German armies would be sending back war spoils to Germany. It was towards the end of the war that they started losing more and more wars that really threw a wrench into the German economy, people started starving and then the supplies going to the concentration camps started to decrease, which is why you see images if emaciated Jews by the way.

Who runs the banks? Who runs Hollywood? They’re not Christians I guarantee you that. So yeah, they kinda are money grubbing. Rabis eating baby foreskins is another real thing so yes, they do in fact eat babies though not in the way you’re thinking. Lastly, just about every porn industry is run by Jews, particularly the male nigger and white woman kind. So yes, Jews are “stealing our women.”

I’m not discussing history with a holocaust denier, FUCK OFF, FUCK YOU, STOP HATING JEWS.

Dude I don’t even really hate the Jews. I just don’t think the Holocaust happened. As in, sure, probably a few hundred thousand may have been killed, perhaps even a million plus but the vast majority of those were killed by the Soviets who attributed them to the Nazis who probably killed somewhere between a few dozen-thousand to perhaps a hundred-thousand or two at most.

Industrial slaughter on that scale was not part of the German mindset at any point in history but it’s common for communists.

Way to be a nazi you fascist fuck

hey i can tell you’re probably no older than like 15 but…. some advice? vitriolic hate speech will only bring attention to your art for so long. my recommendation is you actually work on your absolutely horrendous art style. maybe stop posting things it took you 1 minute to come up with and put some work into your trade? controversy will only take you so far.

i absolutely commend you on your bravery for posting these takes by the way! i know it might sound crazy, but these braindead comics are actually the best argument against everything you believe. thank god for free speech 🙂

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