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Toned Down

Toned Down published on 13 Comments on Toned Down

This is a remake of a comic I originally posted back in August 2019.

Check out this comparison slider. Drag the slider to the left and then right to compare the new version with the old…


Funny enough, the remake rabbit hole doesn’t end here. THAT comic was originally a remake of this meme I made a while before starting the Hedgewik comic strip:

This was made during early 2019, when there was a bit of a meme thing going around about “stealing” the sodomite pride flag by associating it with white identity politics. Needless to say it wasn’t successful, but some decent memes came out of it.


if i may ask, based lad, are you Christian?

I am catholic from birth. I’m not a “tradcath” larper and I don’t really PERSONALLY care about trying to make people convert, i’m fine with other christian denominations/ people who like paganism/whatever as long as they’re respectful about my beliefs, obviously I take issue with Judaism and Satanism and other such things though.

What’s wrong with tradcaths?

nothing, a lot of self described “tradcaths” are just autistic larping spergs though, so often that term is associated with that. I just refer to myself as plainly catholic though obviously I dont agree with much of what the catholic church has been up to in recent years.

quick question, how tf do you make so many accounts? just got sus’d and everytime i make an account it gets locked out or some shit.

well a few reasons. First of all, I always create an account a few months before I start using it. My current account was created in January 2020, but I didnt start using it until october 2020. And I create them at new IP addresses. You can’t use a VPN or it locks you out. I don’t even know if the IP is that important but I take the step anyways. And be sure not to re-use the same phone number. And you can’t use Google voice. Ask a co-worker or a friend if you can use their number if you really want to, just say “hey do you mind getting a text for me?” or something like that. it isnt worth all the effort though tbh and I only do it so I can spread my comics.

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