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Content Warning for this Image: Transphobia.

Really funny you talk about projection, and that’s the only thing funny about this.

“We don’t groom people, its gay people that get groomed by trans people through discord”

You will never be woman



Imagine defending that trannies groom young people into forever fucking up their bodies and ruining their lives.

Lemme lay down some facts.

1. While trans people can groom minors, they are not going to inherently do so, and aren’t more likely to do so than other people.

2. Trans and other LGTBQ+ people weren’t inherently groomed themselves. They may be more likely to be targeted if they already don’t have a support network. To assume otherwise is just victim blaming.

3. Transitioning is a gradual process and very personal to boot. they’re not “forever fucking up their bodies” inherently.

4. Transitioning will not ruin your life if people and society accept you. You saying that transitioning will ruin your life and treating trans people like shit is more of a threat, its “don’t you dare exist or I’ll make sure your life is ruined”.

5. I’m not defending groomers, I’m defending trans people. Every time there’s some marginalized group you don’t like you vilify them with crimes they didn’t commit. You pull the Pedo card, and that helps actual pedophiles to keep doing their bullshit.


I mean you used the slur not me.

Trannies are gross

Despite being less than 2% of the population, LGBT+ end up being over 40% of groomers. So they are a lot more prone to grooming.

60% of LGBT+ self report being molested and groomed. We’re not blaming the victims. However, once you perpetuate this system, you’re no longer a victim.

Inbalancing your hormones and chopping off parts of your body is irreparably destroying yourself.

3/4 of self reported LGBT+ suicide attempts say the main reason wasn’t their treatment, but the gender dysphoria. By crippling themselves with hormones and surgery, they are ruining the rest of their lives. They come to this realization themselves when hormones and surgery won’t ever make them their “preferred gender”. Long term effects exist and it’s why old trannies are rare, if they even exist.

Kick out the “MAP” then. They’ve already added themselves in and are being defended by the community. We only vilify the ones keeping the vicious cycle alive. The rest can find a way back from degeneracy.

Source on all of this?
Your first statement is a common conflation between action and orientation.

Your second statement is doing the same.

Third and fourth are a complete fucking misunderstanding of trans experience not to mention ableist as fuck.

The Pedophile, “MAP” may as well be euphemistic, is seen as dangerous and malicious at worst and as sick and in urgent need of help at best. Pedophiles that try to use the LGBT+ umbrella to cloak themself and seek legitimacy are fucking despised, specifically because ever since there has been a movement pedos have been trying to hijack it to justify abusing kids. The answer to “Kick them out” is “we’re fucking trying but you won’t believe us because you want to believe so bad that LGBT people target kids that you won’t help us”

Trannies are pedos. You are filth.

Thanks for putting the content warning under the comic retard. That will totally help your fellow trannies out in not having their dilators fall out of their axe wounds

Eat a dick hedge, you personally make the lives of trans people worse with every putrid transphobic comic you make.

Detransistions happen, because yes, exploring your identity can lead you to wrong places, and the fact that they could transition safely to begin with is actually a good thing. It also doesn’t invalidate the people who feel better after doing so and staying trans. Its called gender euphoria, and if you feel good being a man, why would you deprive that to someone else? they don’t deserve happiness?

GOOD stay mad tranny, if you have a penis you will always be a man no matter how much you chisel your body in a vain attempt to create a mockery of the female form

Oh I’m not trans. I’m may be a bit fluid but that’s it.

Why do I defend trans people then? well unlike you I make a concious effort not to kill my empathy every day. Also called having some decency.

Cope and dilate tranny scum. The best possible thing would be turning the 40% into 100%

Fuck you, even if I’m not trans, fuck you. Take that 40% you love so much, grease it up real shiny, turn it sideways and shove it up your ass.

become trans hedgewik and kill yourself.

At least you acknowledged that trannies commit suicide a lot

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