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Trust the Science

Trust the Science published on 67 Comments on Trust the Science

An old trope that was previously used against the proponents of transgender ideology was “science says there are only two genders”. This was countered by transgender proponents with the statement with “sex and gender are not the same”.

They aren’t “wrong” – gender is an idea created by a man named Dr. John Money in 1955 to split the distinction between biological sex and one’s relation with a “gender identity”. This means that, according to this idea of distinguishing the two, being MALE doesn’t inherently mean you are a MAN, and being FEMALE doesn’t inherently make you a woman. If you attempted to tell anyone this before the idea was crafted by Dr. Money and friends, just about 100 percent of people would have called you retarded. (and even long after that, the majority of people still have yet to be truly convinced of this concept; even if they begrudgingly accept it since it’s the narrative of the System and opposing it can result in social repercussions)

It’s similar to the idea of convincing people to say that 2 + 2 = 5. In the book 1984 by George Orwell, (at this point an overused reference by people who’ve never actually read the book, but bear with me here) it is espoused that one measure of control over a person would be to get him to agree that 2 + 2 = 5. And what’s really stopping you from saying 2 + 2 = 5? The only reason we say 2 + 2 = 4 is because it’s part of a set of universal agreed-upon principles we all accept (the basic mathematical system). If it is espoused by the System (through media, academia, etc.) that 2 + 2 = 5 based on some new twisted logic they’ve invented (or lack thereof), then well, who are you to deny it? Official sources agree on it, regardless of what universal public consensus may be. They’ll run manufactured consent campaigns over the course of many decades in order to produce the results they want, if need be. They’ve already done this with fantastic success with race-mixing, and more recently, the normalization of homosexuality. Although race-mixing was almost universally opposed by the people the System wished to subjugate it against (in America, both Blacks AND Whites were often opposed to racial mixing/integration measures) it got its way by slowly influencing the population into a subdued passivity against the enaction of genuinely undemocratic actions they originally did not support or were even asked to vote for. Many retained their resentment for these measures but were kept in check through a variety of means. The same is currently being washed over us for homosexuality; most people, in fact a large majority, both liberal and conservative, held negative, or at least, not exactly positive, views on homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Even if polled on their opinions, most people would, and still will, hold back on how negative their opinions of these two topics may truly be due to fear of social repercussions. The same there goes for transgenderism.


The point I want to make with this is that claiming a MALE, a stocky-shouldered, adams apple having, daily-facial-hair-shaving, slouch-backed, man-handed, large-foot-having, penis-owning adult male, can simply be a WOMAN if they choose to be, is like saying 2 + 2 = 5. Sure, you made up some twisted logic, invented some words and had some massive System-backed manufactured consent campaigns do the heavy lifting for you. But left to their own devices to naturally develop their thoughts, the overwhelming masses simply agree that ADULT HUMAN MALE = MAN and ADULT HUMAN FEMALE = WOMAN as one of the most basic biological concepts.

Before I conclude I’ll address two points of contention.

The first of those being intersex people; people who are born with biological conditions that make them have some features or internal characteristics of both males and females. In this case, I would say that I am sympathetic to individuals who ACTUALLY have this condition they cannot help and I genuinely wish for them to get whatever proper medical treatment is best and necessary. However, the majority of transgenders are NOT this way. Most, from my own observations (on the internet, and being someone who interacts with strangers and the general public on a regular basis [not so much after the coronavirus lockdown measures] I have seen and interacted with many a transgender [believe me, they are very detectable] ) are men who developed the idea as a twisted marriage of a sexual fetish with the most core aspect of their personal identity. These people are, more often than not, volatile and not allowing of any challenge to their beliefs. Their worldview on their fetish identity is fragile, and they must lash out at anyone who dares to question its validity. Through internet jannying, to screaming meltdowns, these people see any challenge of their ideas as an attack on their person – because like it or not, it IS. Their transgenderism IS their person.

The second is that “some transgender people pass, therefore your assessment of their physical features determining their manhood is invalid”. My first response is to bring the most obvious notion, that being – lol, no, you guys don’t pass. Even if you get that perfect angle on your selfie for the internet, or you trick some poor drunk guy into doing his do on you, you’re not going to be able to hold up the illusion forever. A more observant man will notice the way your jaw looks, your adam’s apple, or any of the other dead giveaway features you can never truly hide with makeup.

That aside – let’s say you DO pass. Maybe you got some surgery and did some hyper-transgender-magic-science that removes all the manly features of you and makes you impeccably passable. Well… you could just as well take my cheap, plastic Android phone my carrier gave me for free, paint an Apple logo on it, somehow install the iPhone software, and then claim it’s the newest iPhone (whatever model they’re calling it now). Even if you did all the cover-up, put the casing over it, etc. etc. – it’s still not the latest iPhone. It’s a crappy plastic Motorola phone on the inside, and it will always be a crappy plastic Motorola phone. If you switch out the parts on the inside (with the transgender analogy, switching out their brain for a genuine female one) then the device effectively ceases to be what it originally was – and this transgender person ceases to be the same person, they simply have this new brain operating in the husk of a former one. And, as far as I am concerned, anything short of switching out the brain of someone who was born a male will not allow them to be a female – and by extension, a woman. If you grind a hole in the area where your penis is, it’s not a vagina. It cannot make babies. It’s not the most precious design of nature that (assuming no abnormal defects) will work without serious flaw. It’s a gaping flesh wound you will have to constantly keep open by “dilating” – which is pretty much breaking open cracks in the wound so it doesn’t heal and close over. It’s an abomination and a true testament to man’s inability to even come close to, let alone surpass, the effortless perfection of nature.


In conclusion.


The idea of sex being distinct from “gender identity” is a relatively new phenomenon and, like the idea that 2 + 2 = 5, not something most people actually believe in. Intersex people who have a physical, diagnosable medical condition should be given treatment, but not fetishists who marry their sexual desires with their personal identity. Just because you pass does not make you a woman; fool’s gold might look real, doesn’t mean it is. If you are a transgender, or “questioning” person reading this, well, all I can say is I’m surprised you stuck it through since most are so volatile they freak out at having their ideas, and by extension their “person”, attacked. I’d like you to consider what I said and contest it below in the comments if you like – if you remain civil my responses will remain civil as well. And I’d like you to stop watching porn, get some air, and give one more shot at the role you were assigned to by nature.

Have a great day.

– Hedgewik


“men who developed the idea as a twisted marriage of a sexual fetish with the most core aspect of their personal identity”
Is this referencing autogynophilia? The autogynophilia explanation has always sounded like mental gymnastics to me.
The explanation that I find much more compelling is that being a man totally sucks, so much so that being a trans gender freak is more desirable than being a normal guy.

The thing I’m wondering about is:

If this is true then to what end? If it’s for money, that doesn’t work because most have to pay for everything including but not limited to: psychological examinations, psychiatric examinations, visits to endocrinology specialists, electrolysis specialists, and surgeons to name a few.

So maybe free speech then? But that doesn’t work ether, outside of asking for the courtesy of referring to them as their gender there’s not much they can do. You don’t have to oblige them any more then they can complain about.

How about morality? Outside of complaining has the majority of this group of people been actively violent? If so then please respond with a citation. What about children? I’d like to think they’re smart enough to ask questions and as they grow up come to there own conclusions. It’s not taught or required in schools and as far as I’m aware of ( though the courtesy of referring to them in that my there own request is something that does happen). If anyone has evidence then please respond with citation. Finally religion, has anyone from this group forcibly proved worship in your chosen manner? If so then again citation in the comments.

What about bathrooms then, the way I see it (and this is more a personal view) if someone was going to expose themselves there they would probably have done it regardless if they were trans or not.

So in the end it doesn’t seem like there is anything really to benefit from this supposed cabal. If anything it seems like it would generally work against them. I just don’t understand what they get out of it.

From what I can tell no one

Good article, Hedgewik! It’s nice to see, that kids of your age are capable of such a good analysis. By the way, the same thing is with racism, which was devised around 50’s to also facilitate the division of the greatest country on this side of heaven.

I don’t get what your problem is. You say you don’t care what people do and are for freedom but the second people try to use the freedom you immediately oppose it? Why the fuck do you care? Let people do what they want to do and live how they want to live. As long as they don’t harm or harrass other people just let them be? Why did you have to make such a disgusting comic and write such a horrendous article? You truly are a weird Incel. I hope you see a therapist mate. You aren’t representing the male community well. Trans women are women.

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