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“Yellow Fever”

“Yellow Fever” published on 41 Comments on “Yellow Fever”

An FAQ I made on Twitter:

“Do you hate asian people?”

No, quite the contrary. I wish for their well-being just as much as my own race. That means not objectifying and fetishizing their women and/or encouraging them to racemix. Doing that leads to both race’s destruction.

“Do you hate anime?”

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that is very much not the case.

“Do you hate hapas?”

No, I feel bad for people who have a split racial identity like that. It’s not their fault they’re the way they are.

“Do you think dating a hapa is racemixing?”

Eh, personally while I think we should not be creating more hapas, a hapa can merge back into either of their respective races within a generation or two. That’s a fair point of contention you can challenge.

“What about White men who married asian women and then later became racially conscious?”

I’m not going to advocate you to break up your marriage of several years and abandon your children after picking up racial ideology. I’d like to advocate against it happening in the future.

“I’m obsessed with asian women and want to date one but I sort of realize the issues that can cause. What can I do about it?”

Stop watching porn and get some fresh air. Talk to white women. Idk honestly, but that’s a problem you should work to overcome.

“White women are coalburning whores and asian women are trad, feminine and virgins”

Statistically untrue. White women are the most loyal out of any race (I’m sure someone has the infograph handy). And asian women can be whores just like white women. Whoredom doesn’t have a race.

“I want to go live in Japan and get a wife there because it’s a homogenous society”

By going there you are undermining their racial harmony and muddying what they have. Besides, Japan is not in a great place either, the consumeristic American plague is affecting them too. And I’m overwhelmingly opposed to white flight in any case. I don’t think we should run from our problems.


A tip for my fellow men out there. Absolutely do NOT bring an eastern girl to the western world for the purpose of dating. She will get sucked into the feminist agenda and brainwashed quicker than a Mac 11 goes through a full magazine. Oh, and don’t date western girls either. They’ll divorce rape you and take all your shit without having to break a goddamn sweat. The only way is MGTOW

Hedgewik, I’m quite interested in your work. In this one particularly, you seem to blame things on the media, when “race mixing” seems to be the natural result of immigration. As an immigrant myself, how far in my family’s history should I go to pick a correct wife? I think she also has to look like me too with the correct skin tone, and perhaps liking (call it “fetishising”) comes as a final unnecessary part of the equation right?

Sarcasm aside, aren’t people supposed to date who they genuinely like? Or should that man in the comic better have chosen a white woman, lie to her about love as he dreams of another?

Hey there, sorry for the late response.

There is a very real phenomenon of “yellow fever” in White men where they obsessively chase after Asian women for no other reason than that they’ve conditioned themselves, through media, pornography, or some other means to put Asian women on a pedestal. I take issue with this. It deprives Asian men of a woman that should be rightfully their own, take a white man into a relationship when they should be with a white women, and is overall just odd to fetishize people in this way.

How far back should you go in your families history? I don’t know, that’s up to you man. If you’re mixed race, then it’s really your own call (I mean its always your own call, I cant force anyone to marry anyone else, i can only express my own opinion on the matter.). I’d advise not marrying someone who is very much racially apart from yourself. For example, let’s say you’re half mexican, half swedish. Don’t go and marry a Japanese woman, or don’t go marry a Black woman. Figure things out, decide which racial identity is the one you can most closely link yourself with, and move from there. I’m blessed with the privilege of being Northern italian/swiss and German, so I’m not mixed race by any reasonable measure. And my family on both sides is also not been in America for too long, so they haven’t had time to have gotten mongrelized and mutt-ified. I intend to keep it that way.

And yes, you should date who you genuinely like. But it’s not intelligent to take in factors that could cause issues in a marriage later on. When you date a woman seriously, you should be considering how well you’d be compatible with them. The likelihood of a marriage between a white man and an asian woman being more stable than a white man with another white women is questionable. i don’t have the stats on hand but I believe quite a sizeable amount of white men who marry women in Japan end up getting divorced.

What the man in this comic needs to do is stop fantasizing about his yellow fever dreams and find white women to talk to. White women are great if you subtract the whoreish bullshit that’s infecting many of their brains; and like i said, whoreish bullshit is literally going on with every race in the west, so fetishizing another race is, in my opinion, a cop out.

Its late rn and I’m typing out an article for tomorrow so hit me up with any other questions and I’ll get to them eventually, if you still have a link to this conversation. Apologies for typos or spergery in advance

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